Dead mother

What does it mean to dream of Dead mother?

1. To dream of a dead mother, indicates that you will have a long life.

2. To dream that you talk to a dead mother or she calls on you to tell you something, warns of a death in the family.

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2015-04-21, Rating 5.0 from 5 for Dead mother

my dead mom visited me a dream , she let me sleep with her as a child like i use to do before she left she said cover yourself o you dont get cold so i did because my blankets were not covering me in my mind i felt her love again as if i were a child i cried because i was so happy, now and then i smell her perfume, she died at age of 35, i was 9 years old. to me it wasnt a dream more real than reality itself she trully visited me spiritually as thats al we are living spirits in flesh
Cop Shrink

2014-02-10, Rating 5.0 from 5 for Dead mother

Dreaming of a dead mother, or relative really means nothing. It is simply the electrodes in your brain firing in a way that brings up past thoughts of stressful times that you have experienced in the past. Phsyco analysis may be needed if this dream continues to occur and you can't shake it. I would just try to enjoy the time you have with her and make it as real as possible.

2014-02-06, Rating 5.0 from 5 for Dead mother

I dreamt of my dead mother telling me she was reborn twelve years after her death.what does it mean ????
joy reyes

2013-12-16, Rating 5.0 from 5 for Dead mother

i dreamed of my dead mother telling me that she is alive.

2013-07-03, Rating 3.0 from 5 for Dead mother

I had a dream i was talking to my mother in my dream she was with me then i was on the phone with her. i ask her where she went and begged her not to leave and that I love her she just sat silent on the phone and I ask her if she was still there she said yes real quiet. what does it mean?


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