What does it mean to dream of Dogs?

1. Dreaming of a howling dog, indicates that you may be in danger, but could also indicate a disease.

2. Dreaming that you eat a dog, suggests that your enemies will be offended.

3. To dream of a white dog with a good attitude, means you can win or lie to your enemies.

4. To dream of a bitch with puppies, means you will help defenseless friends reconcile with your enemies.

5. To dream a stray dog went home with you, predicts that you will earn an unexpected or unusual ally.

6. To dream of a fight between dogs, means that you will seek an arbitrator of a dispute.

7. To dream that you see a black dog, suggests that you will have a spiteful rival.

8. To dream of a mad dog, indicates you have a lot to keep as your disadvantage.

9. Dreaming that you chase a dog, means that competition may be stronger than you.

10. To dream of a dead dog, means you would have defeated an opponent.

11. To dream that the dogs are barking, means you better not get in quarrels with your accusers.

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