What does it mean to dream of Dog?

1. To dream of a dog howl, means you are a danger but also look for a disease.

2. To dream you feed a dog, suggests you give occasionally give offense to the enemies.

3. To dream a white dog, suggests a good win, or you can lie to your enemies.

4. To dream of a bitch with her puppies, means you will help defenseless friends or again be with the enemies.

5. To dream of stray dogs, means you will make something unexpected.

6. To dream of a dog in your home, means you then trust someone close.

7. To dream of a fight between dogs, means that they will seek an arbitrator for the dispute.

8. To dream you see a black dog, suggests you will have a venomous rival.

9. To dream of a mad dog, suggests you must be kept as its disadvantage.

10. To dream of a dog bite, means enemies will prevail as the competition will be stronger than you.

11. To dream of a dead dog, means you would have defeated the opponent.

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