Week days

What does it mean to dream of Week days?

1. Different days of the week have a different meaning in your dream.

2. To dream of Monday, indicates that you wait for work, a new enterprise, business and domestic commitments.

3. To dream of Tuesday, predicts that the new design may provoke failure, no commitments, avoid transactions and travel.

4. To dream of Wednesday, predicts that you will have success, you can take a risk or that you will have cash.

5. To dream of Thursday, represents opportunity for expression and to prove yourself as a specialist, but do not rush.

6. Dreaming of Friday, signifies a chance for professional or emotional victory and the fulfillment of a wish.

7. To dream it is Saturday, indicates that you need a rest, you should be rethinking the situation or that you should pay more attention to sedimentation problems.

8. To dream that it is Sunday, predicts that should expect changes and you will enjoy success, happiness and love.

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