What does it mean to dream of Chest?

1. To dream of a chest, means to expect pleasant surprises, happiness and love.

2. To dream you see a mother breastfeeding a baby, suggests you will have happiness in marriage, tranquility and comfort at home.

3. To dream of strong male breasts, means you will have good health and income, but will also suffer from jealousy.

4. To dream of a hairy chest, indicates you will have happiness in love, children, health and long life.

5. To dream of a man with a wounded chest, suggests you expect a new friendship.

6. To dream you see naked breasts, means you expect failures and poverty.

7. To dream of your own breasts are large and strong, suggests you have will poverty.

8. To dream that you see your breasts are small and narrow, means you get your enemies in a trap.

9. To dream that you have a sore chest, means an expected severe test.

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