What does it mean to dream of Breast?

1. If you dream of a female breast, expect surprises, happiness and love.

2. Small ones portend poverty and misery, nursing ones mean diseases and poverty.

3. Seeing a mother who breastfeeds her baby means that you will have happiness in marriage, peace and comfort at home.

4. Seeing male breasts in your dream, means that you will have good health and income, but also suffer from jealousy.

5. A hairy chest means that you will have happiness in love, many children, health and a long life.

6. Dreaming of a man wounded in the chest, portends a new friendship.

7. If you see naked breasts in your sleep, expect failures and poverty.

8. If you dream that your own breasts are large and strong, you will grow poor.

9. If you see that your breasts are small and narrow, watch out for the enemies’ trap.

10. If you dream that you have a wound in the chest, expect a tough test.


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