What does it mean to dream of Frog?

1. If you dream of a frog, suggests to be cautious and expect bad words.

2. To dream of many frogs, indicates then you are hurt and have misfortune, difficulties and problems.

3. If you dream you are the frog, means you have driven someone out of their house.

4. To dream that you catch frogs, suggests you will give up some whim.

5. To dream that is out of torment that you kill frogs, indicates you will see what you hate.

6. To dream of a toad, means you I will pursue and gossip.

7. I eat frogs\' legs in your, means you are a strong person and will help protect.

8. If you kill a frog in your dream, suggests you will suffer losses.

9. To dream the frogs croak, suggests you expect good news.

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2014-01-16, Rating 5.0 from 5 for Frog

Had a weird dream about a couple of black frogs. They were under a table and I was sort of avoiding them, think they freaked me out or something.

2013-09-21, Rating 5.0 from 5 for Frog

I dreamt of watching someone shoot at the floor and I looked closely at if and saw a frog which had died. Then I was running away from a light green leap frog which caught up to me and jumped on my face. It tried to stick its tongue in my ear and I peeled it off and I threw it away.


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