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Find out Your Love Horoscope for Today - June 2


The Moon will be moving through Taurus today, making us more empathetic to the desires of our partner, while the aspect between the Sun and Venus advises us to be more careful with our fantasies.

Aries - Don't make huge promises today. Even if you believe that they're doable, later you'll be sorry that you did not weigh your words. You overestimate your abilities when it comes to your love life and may let down your partner if you promise something and then are unable to keep your word. Singles also need to be more honest, instead of creating a false impression about themselves.

Taurus - Today you're going to enjoy your fantasies and share them with your partner with the hopes of them becoming reality. You may spend hours in conversation, without even realizing how time flies. Singles today are going to be more gutsy than usual and may take the 1st step toward the person they like.


Gemini - Thanks to your strong charm, today you'll manage to impose your opinion over that of your partner. If your relationship is a new one, today you have the opportunity to get closer to your partner. Singles will easily attract the attention of others today and may win over someone's heart.

Cancer - You're going to be forced to make important decisions regarding your love life today. Your doubts regarding your current relationship grow with each passing day. Share them with your partner instead of keeping them to yourself. Singles shouldn't lose faith because their big love is on the way.

Leo - You're going to have to work a bit more today, which will cause you problems with your partner. Your professional projects are going to be priority, while your sweetheart won't at all be pleased that you're putting them in 2nd place. Singles also aren't going to be in a romantic mood, even though someone nearby is trying to attract their attention.

Virgo - Be prepared for more challenges in your love relationship today; to relieve the tension you're going to have to act immediately. Your desires may become reality but you shouldn't postpone them. Singles can seek the cooperation of friends, in order to find a new love.

Libra - Today you're going to have to give up control over your relationship if you would like peace and harmony to reign once again between you. You're going to feel that your partner is underestimating you and making important decisions without you but the day isn't suitable for quarrels. Singles are going to feel confused by the behavior of their new suitors.

Scorpio - Face the hardships between you and your partner with tenacity. Don't make the problems even worse by leaving them to the imagination, instead soberly analyze the differences in your opinions. It's likely that singles will meet a person that will enrapture them at first sight.


Sagittarius - You're doing everything possible today to save yourself from old promises that you've made to your partner. You did not adequately weigh your abilities and now you're going to be sorry. Candidates will appear before singles but they'll have to think carefully before they begin a serious relationship.

Capricorn - Today you'll have more of a tendency to give in to your fantasies but won't do anything to actually try to implement them. Your relationship is important to you but you won't show it to your partner in any way. Singles are going to impress someone today but whether they'll have a serious relationship or not will depend only on their actions afterward.

Aquarius - One of your dreams, related to your love life, may become reality today. Your partner will surprise you, it will be as if they've managed to read your thoughts. Singles have to gather up a bit more courage and confess their feelings to the person they're interested in.

Pisces - You're going to test your partner today because lately you've been having the impression that your partner is lying about an important issue. Communication is key in order to be able to resolve the problem. Singles shouldn't rush into a new relationship before they've gotten to know the other person.