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Sagittarius Woman and Pisces Man Love Compatibility

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The relationship between a Sagittarius woman and Pisces man has every chance for developing successfully and may even turn into a huge romance for both.

Despite their great compatibility, these two signs cannot live without conflicts and tension in their connection. In order not to have conflictive situations, they must both have a common goal to head for together.

One thing that may anger them is finding qualities in the other person that they themselves have. But the negative qualities in their own nature make no impression on them. It is only when they are present in the other person that those characteristics puzzle them.

Pisces man

The Sagittarius woman cannot be easily attached to her kitchen and oven. Even so, she will take the reins into her own hands and take up the leading role in her family.

She has an authoritative nature and has the ability to make the right decisions, which will keep the couple moving in the right direction for achieving determined goals.

This is perfect for the Pisces man, who does not like to take responsibility for issues that he is not capable of solving by himself.


The male Pisces and female Sagittarius love to travel... to completely different places. The Sagittarius woman enjoys long travels to various cities and countries, to learn new things, while the Pisces man likes to travel in the world of his imagination.

The female Sagittarius will take the strangeness of her partner into consideration and will sometimes even fall into step with his fantasies. The male Pisces will have nothing against his partner trying to make new impressions.

The Pisces man, withdrawn by nature, transforms if he is lead in the right way. Then, he might display the power of his nature and even show aggression. The Sagittarius woman is rightly called a teacher for many men. She has wisdom, which makes men admire her.

The male Pisces, who is a good manipulator, will be able to easily share his ideas with the female Sagittarius, by making her believe that she came up with them.

For the female Sagittarius, it is important for her to make the decisions and the male Pisces will take advantage of this weakness of hers, so as to achieve his own goals easily.