What does it mean to dream of Animal?

1. If you dream of an animal, there's a surprise in store for you. If you dream of a pet animal, unexpected changes are coming to your home..

2. If you dream of a wild animal, but it's unaggressive, you'll unexpectedly have improvements related to your work, workplace, work conditions. If wild animals are attacking you in your dream, watch out for ill-wishes and dangerous competitors in business..

3. If you hear an animal cry in a dream, it's a warning of upcoming danger. Running animals in your dream are a sign of betrayal, while if you're living among a herd of animals, you'll soon get sick..

4. If you're feeding or caring for small animals in your dream, you'll care for your kids. If an animal starts talking to you with a human voice, you'll hear a truth of some kind..

5. If you dream of an animal transforming into a human or vice versa, it's a prediction of great troubles, of your worst fears coming true..


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