What does it mean to dream of Graves?

1. If you dream that someone is digging graves, you'll hear about the death of a loved one or relative.

2. If you dream of open graves, you'll have health problems, plus you'll receive news from a person far away.

3. If you dream of graves covered with soil, it means that the more soil, the greater the riches you'll receive or you'll find lost possessions.

4. If you dream that you're bringing flowers to graves, it means a relative or friend will return.

5. If you see graves covered with flowers in a dream, things will go well in marriage.

6. If you're digging graves in a dream, you'll have difficulties at the workplace, while this may also be a sign of a marriage soon to come or the birth of a new family member.

7. If you dream of fresh graves, it means someone will not keep the word they've given, while if you dream of old graves, you have to protect your heart.

8. If you're jumping over graves in a dream, it means you'll achieve a difficult goal.


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