What does it mean to dream of Creek?

1. Swimming in a creek in your dream means you will fulfil your desires and will enjoy great success.

2. If you hear a creek in your dream, beware of slander and false rumors.

3. Dreaming of a lush or a muddy creek means you need to prepare for tribulation and bad times.

4. If you dream of swollen and overflowing river, there are obstacles ahead of you at work, change jobs or the people with whom you work.

5. Do you see a dried-up creek, you will have impossible dreams or ambitions.

6. If you dream of a waterfall or rapids in a river, you'll have financial difficulties.

7. If you dream of a quiet, clear and calm creek, you will find happiness and comfort.

8. Dreaming that a river pulls you, means you will experience difficulties and be in danger.

9. If you dream of a river full of fish, it means wealth, you will get inheritance.

10. If you dream that you bathe in a river, you will have benefits and advantages.

11. Seeing a river in your dreams means that you are expecting change and tribulations.

12. If you dream that you drown in the river, you will not deal with your problems.

13. If you dream that you fall into a river, wait for disaster.


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