What does it mean to dream of Book?

1. To dream you buy a book, suggests in reality you will increase your ownership.

2. To dream of binding books, means you will take care of a holding and relatives.

3. To dream you see a childrens picture book, suggests you will have joy in the family.

4. To dream a book has broken pages, means you would lose something important.

5. To dream of printed books, means you will receive good news.

6. To dream of an open book, suggests it is your time.

7. To dream you read your book, means you will have gains and prosperity will be advanced in the workplace.

8. To dream of a closed book, means you may have failures.

9. To dream you write in a book, means it is to your displeasure and discontent with the results achieved.

10. To dream of a criminal book, means you will have surprises.

11. To dream of burning paper, suggests that they will finally lose heart or a good friend.

12. To dream of reading science books, suggests you will have respect.

13. To dream of a church book, suggests you are calm and have happiness.


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