What does it mean to dream of Kiss?

1. To dream that you see yourself kissing some other, indicates that you may be waiting for anguish of the heart..

2. To dream that you kiss a stranger, suggests that you will get unexpected help..

3. To dream that you kiss a woman means you will feel inspired to some bold undertaking..

4. Dreaming that you kiss a man means that you will hear of something advantageous..

5. To dream you are kissing an unknown woman, suggests that someone will cheat or deceive another..

6. To dream of kissing a strange man, indicates that you have been engaged in precarious work..

7. To dream of a kiss from a close relative, is a sign of secret support..

8. Dreaming that get a kiss from a loved one, predicts possible separation..

9. To dream of a kiss from a widower or widow, portends disease..

10. To dream of a kiss from the dead, suggests possible death..


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14.02.2014 15:50
I was in my own bed sleeping 20 miles from my daughter's father; Perry. We had a twenty years relationships; great times and painful times. As I was sleeping next to my present husband, I was woked up with a soft gentle kiss on my lips. I woke up and saw the morning lite through my window and said, "Perry." I began to cry because I knew he had just died. In the morning I received a phone call to immediately come to the hospital, "Perry had gone into a coma in the morning!" Several hours I was standing next to him, watching him never wake up and eventually his heart gave up and he passed. It has been two years and I still feels his presence around me.