Fish, fisherman

What does it mean to dream of Fish, fisherman?
Fish, fisherman

1. Dreaming that you caught the small fish, indicates that you may have small problems..

2. To dream that you cook fish, family suggests you have family concerns, events and dynamic changes in the home..

3. To dream that you see a live fish, warns to beware of fraud, theft and loss..

4. Dreaming that you catch a fish with a fish hook, predicts something will be difficult and slow however you will achieve success..

5. Dreaming that you see lots of pond fish, predicts profits, but if you try catching them with your hands, you may have bitter sorrow..

6. Dreaming that you see a fishermen with nets, signifies that you should stay out of the networks of your enemies..

7. To dream that you choke on a fish bone, indicates that you may come upon trouble, great care or disease..

8. To dream of fishing boats or a fishing village is a sign of hard, tiring labor that generates no work..

9. Dreaming that you eat fish, means that you got lucky..

10. Dreaming that you fish with a fishing team, predicts that you will deliver big plans and will play at wholesale..

11. To dream that you see a dead fish, predicts that you will lose your cares..

12. To dream of dried, smoked fish, indicates that you will have bad friends..

13. To dream of big fish, predicts that you have big hopes ahead..

14. To dream of small fish, is a sign of wiles and circumlocution..

15. To dream that you eat fish, suggests to get rid of enemies..

16. To dream of raw or marinated fish, suggests fertility..

17. To dream that you swim among many fish, indicates that you will achieve success with tricks..

18. To dream of aquarium fish, means that you will have gains or unsatisfactory cooling of friendly feelings..


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