What does it mean to dream of Money?

1. Dreaming of copper money, signifies that you may have grief and sorrow..

2. To dream that you have lost money, predicts that you are to lose your chance..

3. Dreaming that you find money, suggests to beware of loss or robbery..

4. To dream of counterfeit money, predicts that you may have damage caused by libel or trouble with the authorities..

5. Dreaming that you get money, suggests that you will have to pay your debts..

6. Dreaming of a lot of money, suggests that you will have no questions..

7. Dreaming of silver money, suggests that you will have a profitable commercial transaction..

8. To dream of gold coins, means that you may have serious problems or achievements..

9. Dreaming of paper money, suggests that in reality you will have quick cash, but rapid losses..


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