What does it mean to dream of Milk?

1. To dream of milk, suggests you will earn money and be happy.

2. Dreaming that you drink milk, suggests you should take care of your health.

3. To dream that the milk is cold, means you lose something important and valuable.

4. To dream you got milk, means you will reap success in your work.

5. To dream of warm milk, indicates that you will have friendly support and comforting words.

6. To dream that you see milk, means you will have gains and benefits.

7. Dreaming that the milk has curdled, means you will create trouble.

8. To dream that you are soiled with milk, suggests your income will be discussed.

9. To dream that you spill the milk, predicts success and that you will spend your money in vain.

10. To dream you boil or buy milk, foretells healing the sick.


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29.09.2014 03:30
i saw boiling milk. what does it mean?