What does it mean to dream of Meat?

1. To dream you cook, buy or serve meat, means you will be doing bad things and you will work with dishonest people..

2. To dream you eat meat, signifies waiting for disease..

3. If you're dreaming of fresh meat, suggests you have strong enemies..

4. Dreaming you see a butcher, predicts you will sacrifice or surrender..

5. To dream of game meat, means you will be grilled by someone close..

6. To dream of flesh, means you will have losses..

7. To dream of bloody meat, means someone may die..

8. To dream you work at the butchers, means you will have dishonest colleagues..


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Comments (1)

20.10.2016 20:20
I dreamt that I worked as a housekeeper and on a festive holiday there were trays of cooked, nicely sliced meat of all kind except pork,
The family was Jewish and there were 5 or so men who were guest. They were drinking and celebrating, but the amount of meat was significant.
What could this mean?