What does it mean to dream of Jumping?

1. To dream that you are jumping means you shall succeed in an effortless manner.

2. Dreaming of jumping down, suggests that you are likely to lose position, the situation is unstable.

3. To dream that you are jumping over a barrier, predicts that you shall laugh about your abilities with others.

4. Dreaming of jumping into a trench, ditch, pit, etc.

5. , means that you will get rid of a threat.

6. Dreaming that you see someone else jumping, suggests a likelihood of getting false news.

7. To dream that you are jump the rope, indicates that you have finesse in handling your troubles.

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Nick Nasty

2012-12-19, Rating 4.0 from 5 for Jumping

Occasionally, I dream that I am in any setting, and to get where I am going, I jump about 10 feet in the air and land off balance, but I get better over time...
Xoxzizel girlHave you ever thought that's your body telling you that you have great power
Austin saucierI am having the same dreams and am trying to figure it out


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