What does it mean to dream of Bathing?

1. To dream of lukewarm or cold water in the bath, suggests it is a sign of health and relaxation.

2. To dream of bathing with soap, is the promise of a pleasant surprise.

3. To dream you bathe, means you will be pleased with yourself and achievements.

4. To dream you bathe in the lake, pool, sea, river or water, means you will achieve progress, you have a good family and will be considerable powerful.

5. To dream of a public bath public, suggests you will share your success with others.

6. To dream you bathe in hot water, suggests you will have major problems or be sick.

7. To dream you bathe in the bathroom, indicates you have your health problems.

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2014-03-23, Rating 5.0 from 5 for Bathing

It is true...........I'm very happy

2011-10-19, Rating 4.0 from 5 for Bathing

A person dreamt that a lady took a bath in my business premises that is about to be commissioned.
What could this mean pls?


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