What does it mean to dream of Walking?

1. To dream that go walking, means that you deserved to have profits and welfare.

2. Dreaming that you walk slowly, suggests you will go on back to your competition.

3. To dream you go quickly, suggests you will have a short, but quick success.

4. To dream you see someone walking on water, means you are a big celebrity and famous.

5. To dream you walked in mud, suggests you will make a big mistake.

6. To dream that you walk slowly and quietly and enjoy this, means your friends will help you.

7. To dream your walking is difficult and too much, means you have a lot of work.

8. To dream that you walk by the bridge, suggests that you are in danger and to be careful in your personal life and service.

9. To dream that you walk on muddy roads, suggests to expect bitterness from your closest people.

10. To dream that you walk in a field, means that nothing bad will happen.

11. To dream that you walk through the marsh suggests that you will have a disappointment.

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