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Your Business Horoscope for March 17

Business horoscope

In keeping up with the coming spring, the business tasks of representatives of the earth signs are in an upswing. But Sagittarius and Leo need to be a bit more on the cautious side in their financial operations because there is a chance of them becoming victims of financial fraud.

Aries - Today, there's no way for your excessive perseverance to be mistaken for ambition. There's a danger of you messing up a business deal if you don't manage to overcome your ego and don't let someone else take the leadership position.

Taurus - Postpone all of your grand plans for another time and get to all of the things you've put off for today. You'll find that you can earn profits with quite modest plans and efforts.


Gemini - You've long been wanting to receive a chance to shine professionally and today your wish will come true. It's a good idea to prepare well so you don't mess up on a simple question.

Cancer - It's time to put in some sort of rudimentary order to your financial dealings. Otherwise, you risk finding out that you can't meet your obligations.

Leo - Gambling is in your blood but today the stars aren't in your favor and you risk losing everything you've bet on. Instead of playing the lottery, seek out the sums you've loaned out a long time ago but still have not been paid back to you.

Virgo - Don't expect any additional earnings this week. The efforts you invest won't be appreciated and you'll be forced to maintain a strict financial discipline. Refrain from gambling and risky investments.

Libra - Today, the representatives of this sign who deal with real estate can expect a beneficial transaction. Those who operate with financial instruments or deal in risky investing with works of art will also enjoy success.

Scorpio - Put off any big purchases for another time because you may become the victim of document fraud or buy a defective item which you won't be able to replace for a long time after.


Sagittarius - Don't sign any important documents, especially financial ones, today. Put off your visit to the bank and renegotiation of loan terms because the bargain won't be to your advantage.

Capricorn - You're jumping boldly into a new business venture but the good news is you'll have success and soon your investments will pay off several-fold. But still, a word of advice: don't do business with relatives because the money may turn into an apple of discord.

Aquarius - It might be time to stop betting safe and take the slightest of risks. You'll do surprisingly well at a job which you've never done before and this will motivate you to think about changing your profession.

Pisces - Today, only those Pisces who have any sort of teaching position will have success. All other representatives of this sign will face unexpected difficulties of all sorts and their efforts will be wasted. Pisces are advised to postpone any purchases, even small ones.