What does it mean to dream of Pigeon?

1. If you see pigeons in a dream, you will fall in love or find out that someone else is in love with you..

2. When you see white doves in your dream, it is a sign that your deeds will be crowned with success. Whatever you take up, you will finish it without any problems..

3. If you catch a a pigeon in your dream, marriage awaits you, but if you let it go, you will lose a loved one..

4. If you dream that pigeons are landing near you, you will be very lucky..

5. If a pigeon lands on your shoulder, a meeting with a good friend awaits you, if it lands on the roof of your house or on the windows, guests will come to you, if it lands on your arm, you will feel at home..

6. If pigeons fly near you in your dream, you will find out some good news, you will have good friends and acquaintances..

7. If you kill a pigeon in a dream, you will commit a sin, you will bring trouble on yourself..

8. If you see a dead pigeon, you will lose a friend..

9. If you dream of a pigeon nest with little pigeons, great family happiness awaits you..

10. If you catch a pigeon in a dream, but then drop it, you will lose a loved one..

11. If you release pigeons in a dream, this is a sign that you will soon get a divorce or lose something very valuable to you..

12. If you take pigeons out of their nest in a dream, a good friend will lie or betray you..

13. If pigeons fly to you in a dream, expect guests..

14. If you feed pigeons in your yard in a dream, a pleasant surprise awaits you - guests will knock on your door..

15. If you eat a pigeon in a dream, a family scandal awaits you..

16. If you see a caged pigeon in a dream, you will temporarily part with your current partner..

17. If you dreamed of a carrier pigeon, you will receive good news..

18. If in your dream a pigeon flies out of your house, expect an invitation..


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