What does it mean to dream of Doves?

1. If you see doves pigeon in a dream, you will love and you will find that someone's in love with you.

2. Catch a dove in a dream and expect marriage, but if you let it go, you will lose your lover.

3. If you dream that you feed pigeons, you will win the love of others.

4. If you dream that around you pigeons are landing, you will have much luck.

5. A dove perched on your shoulder suggests an expected meeting with a good friend, if it lands on the roof of your house or windows, you will have guests, if it lands on your arm, you will settle down.

6. If they fly around you in your sleep, you will hear some good news, you will have good friends and acquaintances.

7. If you kill a pigeon in a dream, you have sinned and get into trouble.

8. If you see dead dove, you will lose a friend.

9. If you dream of a dove nest with small doves, expect great family happiness.


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