What does it mean to dream of Birdie?

1. If you see a birdie in a dream, it means you'll receive good news.

2. If you dream of a night bird, it means something bad will happen, a seabird is a sign of unlasting joys, songbirds are a sign of news and notifications, migratory birds are a sign of a new job or new love, birds of prey portend of competitors.

3. If you capture a birdie in a dream, it means you'll have great material gains to come.

4. If birdies are flying by you, it means you'll have good health and a calm life.

5. A birdie in a dream is a sign of soaring ideals, suggestion and messages sent from beyond the grave or by the dead.

6. If you kill a birdie in a dream, it means trouble awaits you.

7. If you're feeding birdies in your dream, it means you'll be respected and loved.

8. If a birdie lands on your shoulder in a dream, you'll win money.


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