What does it mean to dream of Cats?

1. To dream that you can hear cats meow, predicts that you may learn that you were deceived in love, or will dissolve your marriage or engagement.

2. Dreaming that you see many cats, means you have secret and hidden enemies.

3. To dream that you see white cats that are female, predicts that you will lie.

4. To dream of a cat with kittens, predicts that you will get married or have an offspring.

5. To dream that you catch a cat, suggests that love still eludes you.

6. Dreaming that cats bite or scratch, predicts that you will fight for justice and will seek the truth.

7. To dream of purring cats, means you will conquer a hard partner.

8. To dream that you see many cats, predicts that you may become a victim of fraud.


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