What does it mean to dream of Strawberry?

1. To dream you see a strawberry, indicates that you will have incredible luck.

2. Dreaming that you eat or picked strawberries, predicts that you are to enjoy true love.

3. To dream that you drink compote of strawberries or strawberry jam, suggests that you will do a wedding.

4. To dream of blossomed strawberries, indicates that you will have a serious health problem.

5. Dreaming that you eat wild strawberries, means you will be lucky.

6. To dream of deteriorated and rotten strawberries, are a sign that you will leave the old love partner or old friends will disappear.

7. To dream that you buy strawberries, indicates that you will have a successful deal in trade.

8. Dreaming that you picked green strawberries, predicts that you will have small problems.

[Other similar dream interpretations]

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