What does it mean to dream of Strawberries?

1. If you see strawberries in your dream, you will have tremendous happiness.

2. If you eat or pick strawberries in your dream, then you are to enjoy true love.

3. If you eat in your sleep compote of strawberries or strawberry jam, then you will do a wedding.

4. If you dream of blossomed strawberries, you will have serious health problems.

5. If you eat wild strawberries, you'll be lucky and spoiled rotten.

6. Strawberries are a sign that you will be far from an old love or partner, or an old friendship will disappear.

7. If you buy strawberries in a dream, then you are to be successful in a trade deal.

8. Pick green strawberries, and you will have less problems.

9. Watering a strawberry plant in your sleep, means you're headed to a lot of cares, and will have concerns for the elderly, but will not get what you expect or are promised.


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