What does it mean to dream of Ribbon?

1. Dreaming that you sew a ribbon, suggests that someone will be devoted to you and love you.

2. To dream of brown ribbon, means you will have understanding and compromise.

3. To dream of purple ribbon, predicts that you will try to be a leader.

4. To dream of a black ribbon, signifies suffering and pain.

5. To dream of a red ribbon, suggests that you are a passionate lover.

6. To dream of a pink ribbon, suggests that you will be flippant and naive.

7. Dreaming of a green ribbon, predicts suspicions and doubts.

8. To dream of a blue ribbon, predicts separation.

9. Dreaming of a yellow ribbon, predicts hatred and jealousy.

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2013-08-13, Rating 3.0 from 5 for Ribbon

seems a bit negative


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