What does it mean to dream of Train?

1. To dream you see a moving train, means you will enjoy the fruits of success and well done.

2. To dream you miss a train, suggests you will miss your chance.

3. To dream you see train travel in first class, suggests you buy a baby gift or if you travel first class in your dream, means you lie to yourself and others too.

4. To dream you travel in a second class train, means you must get rid of your complexes.

5. To dream of a stationary train, suggests your work has stagnated.

6. To dream you travel on the train, indicates you have rapid development.

7. To dream of the man driving the train, suggest you must share some of your concerns about your thoughts, because otherwise the burden will be even more and you will be depressed.

8. To dream of rapid rail, indicates you will learn news.

9. To dream you try to run as fast as the train, tells your behind with your work.

10. To dream that you are a participant in the train crash, suggests failure will occur in your operations.

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