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Nostradamus: the Savior is Coming in 2016!Nostradamus: the Savior is Coming in 2016!
30 Mar.
A devastating tornado will hit the US. Besides cataclysms, we can expect a humanitarian crisis as well. Nostradamus portends that a deadly disease will turn up in Africa, killing hundreds....
Dreams of Cliffs and FloodsDreams of Cliffs and Floods
19 June
A tornado in a dream symbolizes something new that will enter into your life and completely turn it upside down. Someone or something will have a radical influence on your life. Be wary....
Vanga's Prophecies for 2015Vanga's Prophecies for 2015
15 Jan.
Throughout the year, immense tornadoes will rage across North America. In the middle of 2015, the issue with feeding the population of Africa will worsen, which will become the number 1 problem for the continent....