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Einstein`s Tips of Advice for a Happy LifeEinstein`s Tips of Advice for a Happy Life
18 Sept.
change to tip the bellboy. So he took a sheet of paper and pen and wrote him a note, a note that recently sold for $1.8 million at an auction. On this note, Einstein had written down his 2 tips for a happy life. What...
Love Advice from Peter DeunovLove Advice from Peter Deunov
07 Feb.
The spiritual teacher Peter Deunov has held countless lectures pertaining to different aspects of human life. One of them was dedicated to love, where he gave invaluable advice for a harmonious and fulfilling emotional...
Tips for sound sleepTips for sound sleep
04 May
A healthy and relaxed sleep depends on the lifestyle of the day, especially in the evening and in particular the following factors: I. NUTRITION a) Chew For a peaceful sleep it is important that we eat during the...
Lunar Phase Advice for the EverydayLunar Phase Advice for the Everyday
30 Sept.
The moon has 4 main phases - new Moon, full Moon, waning Moon and waxing Moon, which all have a strong influence on the majority of our everyday activities. To save ourselves from trouble, we need to take into...
The Stars` Advice for you Today - October 13The Stars` Advice for you Today - October 13
13 Oct.
Today will allow you to resolve many of your problems and realize your plans but it is wise to heed some points of advice. Note that in the morning hours, specifically between 4 AM UTC and 7 AM UTC, the Moon will be...
The Stars' Advice for you Today - September 21The Stars' Advice for you Today - September 21
21 Sept.
remember various events from the past. Even though it's nice going back to good memories, don't ignore reality because the consequences may be severe later on. If you're facing dilemmas in your daily life, seek the advice of someone close....
Advice on Remaining Healthy and Young from a Shaolin MonkAdvice on Remaining Healthy and Young from a Shaolin Monk
31 Mar.
- balance. Balance in diet, work, rest, exercise, feelings. This is among the main points of advice given by Shifu Yan Lei, a Shaolin monk. Here are the other tips of advice given by the monk for maintaining...
Survival Tips That Could Actually Kill youSurvival Tips That Could Actually Kill you
14 Mar.
It's a big world out there, with dangers hiding around every corner. But for every situation there's advice on how to handle it better. When it comes to survival, there's no shortage of tips. Some of them are so...
Boost Creativity with Tips from Ernest HemingwayBoost Creativity with Tips from Ernest Hemingway
08 Dec.
The writer Ernest Hemingway, besides for his dramatic fate, is historically remembered for his emblematic works. Hemingway himself followed several tips with which he encouraged his creativity. Stand up "Never...
Practical Tips for Falling Asleep QuicklyPractical Tips for Falling Asleep Quickly
19 Nov.
Insomnia might not seem like a serious problem but anyone who has experienced it knows how innerving it is and how it lowers quality of life. Here's why it's important to rid yourself of it in the fastest way possible...
Tips on how to fall asleepTips on how to fall asleep
14 Dec.
Here are some tips you can apply if you find falling asleep difficult: Very often insomnia is due to overeating. So dinner should be light and should be served at least two hours before bedtime. People who have...
Baba Vanga's Tips for a Long LifeBaba Vanga's Tips for a Long Life
08 Dec.
allow us a partial victory over time's effects. Yoga, physical activity, healthy eating, strength training and many other activities aid in this. Baba Vanga shared her tips on longevity to journalists and the...
Quality Sleep Comes Easy with These Tips!Quality Sleep Comes Easy with These Tips!
10 Dec.
In order to be in a good mood and able to work, we need to have gotten a good night's sleep. If we do not, we wake up in a bad mood, everything and everyone annoys us and we are unable to work the way we'd like to...
Pope Francis's Tips for a Peaceful LifePope Francis's Tips for a Peaceful Life
05 Aug.
based on the assertion that we need to be humble. The pope exemplifies this tip by pointing to slowly flowing water which always reaches its destination; 4. Value your free time - The pope advises to turn off the TV...
Magic tips for selecting a dogMagic tips for selecting a dog
03 Dec.
When selecting a dog for a pet, it is better to comply not only with your tendency to a particular breed, but with the goals you want to achieve. Different types of dogs help with other magical purposes. Pitch black...

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