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The Inventions that Killed Their InventorsThe Inventions that Killed Their Inventors
10 Mar.
On May 17, 1930, his lastest invention in this field blew up during a test run, killing its inventor....
Inventions which destroyed their inventorsInventions which destroyed their inventors
10 Oct.
But his invention was not safe at all - during the first test it killed five of the nine on board. In the second run they all died, including the inventor himself....
Sensational Inventions of the RenaissanceSensational Inventions of the Renaissance
10 Dec.
The ideas for the creation of the automobile, tank and parachute were also thought to be his....
Who were the MayansWho were the Mayans
12 Mar.
For them, life on earth and life after death were comparable. They thought it was the most natural thing to offer sacrifices to appease the gods....
Regression therapy: who were we in our past lives?Regression therapy: who were we in our past lives?
17 Sept.
Dates, places and names of the battle of "Stafford" and other periods of his life were absolutely correct....
Thought is materialThought is material
15 Feb.
Our thoughts can materialize and influence our destiny, British psychologists are convinced. According to them, one of the most loyal tactics to check the feelings of a mature couple to split....
Ancient Egyptian InventionsAncient Egyptian Inventions
16 Sept.
Egyptians were intelligent people who made inventions in almost every corner of life, which made them the longest lived civilization....
The Death Ray - Tesla`s Last InventionThe Death Ray - Tesla`s Last Invention
09 Feb.
The series presents and explores Tesla's last invention - the Death Ray. It is believed that it was supposed to be the first weapon of mass destruction....
Were the Stars of 27 Club Satanists?Were the Stars of 27 Club Satanists?
20 July
It's been proposed that they had sold their souls, which is why their lives were taken at the same age every time. Astrologers have sought their own explanation for the deaths of these celebrities....
Parts of the book of the dead were found in the sarcophagiParts of the book of the dead were found in the sarcophagi
10 Oct.
Then the texts were moved on to the papyrus sarcophagi. Most of the papyrus texts from the mysterious book have been discovered in the tombs at Thebes....
What Were the UFO Cases Documented in January?What Were the UFO Cases Documented in January?
19 Feb.
Fireballs in South America - Unexplained fiery formations were seen by thousands of people, who in turn were left breathless after gazing upon this amazing phenomenon....
The Moon Phases Predict Our FutureThe Moon Phases Predict Our Future
23 Apr.
Experts claim that the phase of the Moon on each birthday can be a clear indicator of the events that await us in our next year. The moon can be an adviser as to what to avoid throughout the year, in order to avoid serious...
Understanding the Meaning of our DreamsUnderstanding the Meaning of our Dreams
26 July
From this two other men gave their opinion that dreams were a type of psychosis, meaning they were a type of schizophrenia, (Hobson and Solm)....
Our Marriage Depending on the Lines of the HandOur Marriage Depending on the Lines of the Hand
16 Apr.
It is believed that palm reading can predict a person's entire future. Palmistry experts add that our future marital union is also described on our hands. The line of marriage, for those persons that have it, is...
Dinosaurs were cannibalsDinosaurs were cannibals
04 Nov.
The analysis has categorical traces of teeth on the skull that were left at the time when one Gorgosaurus was eaten by another. The discovery of scientists from Canada is not the first of its kind....