Superstitions About MoneySuperstitions About Money
30 Sept.
Since ancient times people have believed in various superstitions related to money....
Superstitions about RingsSuperstitions about Rings
06 Nov.
There exist tons of superstitions about how by wearing a ring you can attract success and protect yourself from danger....
Superstitions about Friday the 13thSuperstitions about Friday the 13th
13 Dec.
Psychologists have found that people who see themselves as unfortunate are highly likely to believe in superstitions related to bad luck....
Native American Superstitions about MeteorsNative American Superstitions about Meteors
23 Oct.
Among the peoples who had their own theories about meteorites were the Native Americans....
Superstitions about babies, animals and loveSuperstitions about babies, animals and love
10 Jan.
There are many folk beliefs and superstitions related to babies, love, money and animals....
Everything you Don't Know about Asian SuperstitionsEverything you Don't Know about Asian Superstitions
27 Mar.
Here we will familiarize you with the main superstitions that dominate the East. 1....
Most Popular Beliefs and Superstitions about MeteorsMost Popular Beliefs and Superstitions about Meteors
26 Oct.
In Chile they have their own views about meteors. There exists the belief that the person needs to grab a stone whenever a shooting star passes by their field of vision....
German Superstitions about Good Luck and WealthGerman Superstitions about Good Luck and Wealth
23 Feb.
Near 1/4 of all Germans practice various superstitions for attracting good luck and wealth, reveals a study from the Allensbach Institute....
What are the Superstitions about Comets and Asteroids?What are the Superstitions about Comets and Asteroids?
21 Oct.
The eeriest superstition has to do with Halley's Comet, the belief being that England was taken over by William the Conqueror in the distant past because of it....
Why Shouldn't I Ever Kill a Praying Mantis?Why Shouldn't I Ever Kill a Praying Mantis?
21 Jan.
There are a series of superstitions related to praying mantises, among which is the one stating that we must never kill a praying mantis under any circumstance....
Superstitions surrounding coffeeSuperstitions surrounding coffee
08 Dec.
Are you superstitious? Do not worry - many people are. Even coffee lovers have their share of superstitious beliefs. Here are some of the most common superstitions associated with coffee....
Most popular superstitionsMost popular superstitions
26 June
This superstition is rooted in myths about the good spirits that live in trees....
Eye color superstitionsEye color superstitions
25 Mar.
People with blue eyes, according to beliefs, are constantly moving and full of energy. Fate does not give them gifts, they have to fight alone. They get along very well with people with brown and black eyes. Blue eyes...
Superstitions for Every OccasionSuperstitions for Every Occasion
09 June
Whether or not you believe in folk beliefs and superstitions, they have long accompanied us. They are passed on from generation to generation. We have picked out some popular superstitions....
Five All-Time SuperstitionsFive All-Time Superstitions
07 Apr.
Many people claim that they don't believe in superstitions, without even thinking that a large majority of the things they do or don't do are also superstitions....