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The Deadliest Poisons on the PlanetThe Deadliest Poisons on the Planet
31 May
This disrupted function in turn causes suffocation and death. The paralyzing ability of the compound is also used in aesthetic and mainstream medicine....
Proven! Negative Thoughts Can Kill usProven! Negative Thoughts Can Kill us
28 Aug.
She felt nausea and a headache, dizziness and suffocation. She also mentioned smelling something that reminded her of gasoline....
The Most Inaccurate Technological PredictionsThe Most Inaccurate Technological Predictions
14 Oct.
Lardner, who popularized science and technology through his books, said at a science fair in London that travel by train at high speed is impossible because the passengers wouldn't be able to breathe and would die of suffocation...
Exorcists Are Being Sued in FranceExorcists Are Being Sued in France
11 Oct.
Medical professionals explained that she had died of suffocation. Witnesses claim that Maricica suffered from schizophrenia, which likely led the father and nuns to believe that she was possessed by the Devil....
Mudras - Gestures with the Power to Change your LifeMudras - Gestures with the Power to Change your Life
29 July
To prevent severe stress, suffocation, heart attack, touch your thumb to the tips of your middle and ring fingers, leaving only your pinky pointing straight....
Failed predictions for the end of the worldFailed predictions for the end of the world
25 July
Some believed that the tail of the comet will saturate the atmosphere with a gas which will cause suffocation of almost all life on the planet. 5. Jehovah's Witnesses and their dilemma of Judgement....
See What the Stars Portend in Love for February 14See What the Stars Portend in Love for February 14
14 Feb.
Your routine is suffocating you, you have need of solitude. The constant reminder of the holiday is going to further weigh down on you....