Legendary Lost TreasuresLegendary Lost Treasures
02 June
The Knights Templar Treasure The treasures of the Knights Templar were legendary. It is said that the order began to hoard treasures since the very First Crusade in the Holy Land....
The Black Prince and its Legendary TreasureThe Black Prince and its Legendary Treasure
05 Oct.
Bulgarian treasure hunters also had no success in finding the legendary ship, just like Ukrainian archaeologists, who in 2010 boldly stated that they knew where the treasure was located....
Sensational: Treasure Worth Billions Found on Sunken ShipSensational: Treasure Worth Billions Found on Sunken Ship
08 Dec.
Thousands of legends were birthed about the untold treasure the ship was carrying....
Ancient Text Reveals the Location of King Solomon's TreasureAncient Text Reveals the Location of King Solomon's Treasure
21 Jan.
In the scroll there is also mention of hidden treasure, though not from Solomon's Temple....
Dazzling Treasures of the Ancient City of NimrudDazzling Treasures of the Ancient City of Nimrud
26 May
Even though few people today know of the existence and location of the city of Nimrud, at one point in time, nearly 3000 years ago, it served as the capital of the known world. In 879 BC, the city was proclaimed the capital...
Secrets of the Cheops pyramidSecrets of the Cheops pyramid
20 June
According to Egyptian mythology, in this magnificent building should be preserved for eternity the mummy and treasures of the then ruler - Cheops....
Unsolved coded messagesUnsolved coded messages
19 Sept.
The cryptograms, named in his honor, have three encoded messages, which probably indicate the location of the treasure....
The Nebra Sky DiskThe Nebra Sky Disk
15 Sept.
Just a little over 16 years ago, 3 treasure hunters were in search of treasure in the forest near Nebra, about 112 mi (180 km) from Berlin....
Mummy with Jewelry Uncovered in LuxorMummy with Jewelry Uncovered in Luxor
09 Dec.
Just days ago, at a temple in Luxor, Spanish archaeologists came upon an extravagant treasure - an Egyptian mummy bedecked in jewelry....
How the Names of Some Countries OriginatedHow the Names of Some Countries Originated
18 Jan.
Moldova, for example, owes its name to a dog, for Spain it was the result of a mistake, while Argentina got its name because of a legend about a sunken treasure....
The Ciphers That Remain UndecodedThe Ciphers That Remain Undecoded
04 Nov.
The ciphers are yet to be decoded but it is thought that the treasure is buried in Bedford, Virginia....
Archaeologists discovered the mines of King SolomonArchaeologists discovered the mines of King Solomon
24 Nov.
After the year 1885, Henry's Hagard bestseller "Mines of King Solomon" born the legend of the mythical treasure of diamonds, gold and ivory....
Tutankhamun died because of blood poisoningTutankhamun died because of blood poisoning
12 Sept.
The tomb had been looted by treasure hunters, later providing the scientists with invaluable evidence about the life of the Pharaoh....
Foreign voices dictating the works of great writersForeign voices dictating the works of great writers
01 Jan.
One of the writers was the author of "Treasure Island" Robert Louis Stevenson. As a child he suffered from nightmares, for which no doctor could not find a cure....
People buried alive with the emperor in ChinaPeople buried alive with the emperor in China
03 Nov.
Therefore the imperial tombs in China were built huge, in order to be able to accommodate all the treasure and the ruler's entourage. If he was married, he would certainly need the presence of his wife of that world....