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Eye color superstitionsEye color superstitions
25 Mar.
People with blue eyes, according to beliefs, are constantly moving and full of energy. Fate does not give them gifts, they have to fight alone. They get along very well with people with brown and black eyes. Blue eyes...
The Eye of RaThe Eye of Ra
02 Oct.
Wadjet was usually depicted as a snake belching flames and venom with a solar eye, which burnt all of its opponents with the fire....
Character Based on Eye ShapeCharacter Based on Eye Shape
24 Mar.
Physiognomy is an ancient science, which scientists believe originated from China and subsequently spread to the rest of the world. It serves as a way to determine human character based on facial features. The eyes...
Superstitions, If Your Eye TremblesSuperstitions, If Your Eye Trembles
30 Sept.
Trembling of the eye is connected to various superstitions. It is believed that if your eyes are shaking, it surely means something, it’s not just a temporary tic. According to superstition, if your left eye trembles,...
Eye color shows your talentsEye color shows your talents
13 Sept.
Eye color shows your character, say French scientists. Gray eyes have to kinds of meaning in a person. Love is manifested in women, only when the are worshiped by the opposite sex. Gray eyed gentlemen can sometimes be...
Phenomenal Solar Eclipse on March 20Phenomenal Solar Eclipse on March 20
10 Mar.
The total solar eclipse will be visible from the Faroe Islands, located in the North Atlantic Ocean - between Scotland and Iceland....
Powerful Solar Storms are Exceptionally DangerousPowerful Solar Storms are Exceptionally Dangerous
02 Dec.
The most powerful registered solar storm hit Earth in 1859....
Our Eye Color Reveals Our Suitable PartnerOur Eye Color Reveals Our Suitable Partner
18 Feb.
It has been established that every color has its energetic emanation and according to groups of experts, this also applies to eye color. The color of men's eyes can guide us when we're looking for true love. It is claimed...
Signs That your Third Eye is OpenSigns That your Third Eye is Open
01 Nov.
Ever more people are experiencing their third eye open up. When your 6th chakra opens up, several sure signs appear that indicate you're moving up to the next spiritual level. Situated between your eyebrows, the third...
Did Earth Spread Life Throughout the Solar System?Did Earth Spread Life Throughout the Solar System?
23 Mar.
Now the opposite is being discussed - could life from our own planet have been delivered by courier-meteorite to other regions in the solar system, such as Mars or even Europa?...
Symbolism and Influence of the Eye of NazarSymbolism and Influence of the Eye of Nazar
28 July
In Turkey for example, Eyes of Nazar are sold and placed for and on everything that they can be attached to. Even today, old master glassblowers can be found in Izmir, who craft these blue beads....
Our Gifts Are Evident Based on Our Eye ColorOur Gifts Are Evident Based on Our Eye Color
01 Nov.
According to American scientists, people's talents can be found out just by looking at eye color. Scientists have discovered that people with blue eyes are more talented than those with black or brown eyes. Experts...
Scientists Find the Most Important Planet Outside our Solar SystemScientists Find the Most Important Planet Outside our Solar System
27 Nov.
This planet is closest in size to our own that's been found outside of our Solar System thus far. Astronomers describe the new world as perhaps the most important planet ever found outside of our Solar System....
Newborn with a Single Eye Proves That Cyclopes Did ExistNewborn with a Single Eye Proves That Cyclopes Did Exist
08 Oct.
In Egypt, a boy has been born with just 1 eye on his forehead. Doctors call this condition "Cyclopia" and in this case say it was caused by radiation exposure of the mother during pregnancy. The newborn has a single...
Pick an Eye and See What it Reveals About youPick an Eye and See What it Reveals About you
30 Aug.
It is said that the eyes are a mirror into the human soul and that they speak for us when we find ourselves lacking the right words. No matter how much a person tries to conceal facts about themselves, when we look into...

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