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How to Make Even the Most Impossible Dreams Come TrueHow to Make Even the Most Impossible Dreams Come True
22 June
However, even the most seemingly impossible desires can come true if you want them bad enough and get in the mindset that you'll achieve them. The 1st thing you have to do is begin to truly believe in miracles....
Love PotionsLove Potions
20 Sept.
Love potions tend to magnetically attract the opposite sex. Some charm using smell, others have to be drunk to work their magic. For centuries, it has been believed that chamomile helps in love affairs. So when you want...
Strongest love spellsStrongest love spells
15 Dec.
Ancient cultures have always seen love as an essential factor. The more fundamental and primordial it is, parallel to it, there have been beliefs an ideas as to how it can be managed and directed. The oldest of them come...
Love Divination at HomeLove Divination at Home
08 Sept.
Love is one of the subjects that interests every person on this planet. And that's fully understandable - after all, finding a suitable partner forms a cornerstone of our life. And while some are successful on the love...
History of Love RitualsHistory of Love Rituals
22 Dec.
The mystical rituals that are applied for attracting or keeping love, have their beginnings from way back during the Middle Ages, where a young girl's desire to find a husband was equivalent to her desire for good...
Love spells with candlesLove spells with candles
11 Nov.
Love spells with candles are spread among many nations, but must be done very carefully, if you do not want to turn the spell against yourself. Love spells with candles may only be done if you really feel that you otherwise...
Supernatural Powers Love ChildrenSupernatural Powers Love Children
16 Sept.
Children see and understand the supernatural powers much better than adults. Is it true that children are more likely to be associated with the paranormal phenomena and that their perceptions and sense are sharpened to...
Love Divination with CardsLove Divination with Cards
21 July
You can use cards for divination to find out what fate has in store for you on the love front. Shuffle a deck of cards well and begin drawing them 3 at a time, forming them into a fan. As soon as the king and queen...
Magic Herbs for LoveMagic Herbs for Love
07 Jan.
Many people believe in the magical power of plants. They are said to have special magical powers that can help in various aspects of life. Since you're reading this article, you must really be interested in what the...
Love Divination with ApplesLove Divination with Apples
04 Nov.
One little-known Slavic divination ritual can be done using apples. This method can be used at any time during the year, in contrast to Christmas Eve divination and other holiday rituals. For centuries, apples have...
How Do I Make Him Fall in Love With Me?How Do I Make Him Fall in Love With Me?
17 Oct.
Winning a man's heart is not nearly as difficult as you might think. In fact, there are several tried and tested tactics that could make any guy fall in love with you and how deep and passionate his love will be is up to...
Love Advice from Peter DeunovLove Advice from Peter Deunov
07 Feb.
The spiritual teacher Peter Deunov has held countless lectures pertaining to different aspects of human life. One of them was dedicated to love, where he gave invaluable advice for a harmonious and fulfilling emotional connection...
Yellow candles help with loveYellow candles help with love
06 Jan.
It is known that the doctrine of Feng Shui is based on the properties of the four elements. All are equally important, but perhaps the strongest is that of fire. Candles are good helpers that help not only to adorn the...
Blood type based love compatibilityBlood type based love compatibility
17 Sept.
It is believed that besides psychological, there is a physiological compatibility too- that of compatible blood types. Men with O blood types are purposeful and confident hunters that hate competitors. They experience...
Feng Shui Talisman for LoveFeng Shui Talisman for Love
05 Nov.
Each culture has its own Amulets and Talismans. In some countries for example, a horse shoe is considered to be lucky for the house. Chinese Talisman Feng Shui is considered one of the strongest in the world. The overall...
Your Love Horoscope for November 10Your Love Horoscope for November 10
10 Nov.
This Friday will be one remembered for being productive, tranquil and pleasant. Over the past few days, there has been a certain deceleration in the flow of events in our personal lives but today things are going to pick...
Your Love Horoscope for July 21Your Love Horoscope for July 21
21 July
The active part of the day begins after 11 am, when the Moon enters Cancer. Until then, avoid serious subjects and new meetings. You're going to have a tendency to make mistakes and say things without thinking in front...
Rituals That Help In Finding LoveRituals That Help In Finding Love
08 Nov.
There is a huge difference between magic and rituals. A ritual is more of a pagan belief, that has been underpinned only by folk legends and real life events throughout mankind's thousands of years of history. Rituals...
Superstitions about babies, animals and loveSuperstitions about babies, animals and love
10 Jan.
There are many folk beliefs and superstitions related to babies, love, money and animals. For example, some believe that babies should not be kissed on the cheeks before them budding teeth, because it will slow the teeth...
Love Life According to your BirthdayLove Life According to your Birthday
27 Aug.
Experts believe that the birthday of every person determines their love life to a high degree. Here are descriptions of love life based on the day the person was born. Persons born on the 1st of the month love to control...
How to Cast a Love SpellHow to Cast a Love Spell
24 Feb.
Spells for love can be found in almost all ancient mythologies and beliefs. They fall into the category of white magic since they are often done with a pure heart and positive energy. Even though passed down...
Weekly Love Horoscope Until April 3Weekly Love Horoscope Until April 3
29 Mar.
The negative aspects of Venus, the planet of love and partnerships, show that this week we can expect love-related dramas and challenges that test our patience. Aries - This week you'll have serious problems in maintaining...
The Stone of Love: Rose QuartzThe Stone of Love: Rose Quartz
30 Nov.
Precious and semi-precious stones are unique natural formations, a gift of nature. They serve to make beautiful ornaments or to produce various tools for the fine processing of other natural raw materials. Stones also...
Crystals with Which to Attract LoveCrystals with Which to Attract Love
10 July
In esoteric circles, crystals are seen as a sort of pure energy from nature that can balance the aspects of our lives that are lacking harmony. Below you can find out which crystals can help you attract love. These...
The Love Symbolism of Colors in DreamsThe Love Symbolism of Colors in Dreams
22 Nov.
Dreams with colors are seen less frequently in people. But just like black and white dreams, they harbor a certain symbolism related to love. See what kind of events the most commonly encountered tints portend and what...