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How to Summon a GhostHow to Summon a Ghost
10 July
Many people who have attempted to summon a ghost have had the need of help from a psychiatrist afterward, so think carefully once more before you call a ghost....
How to Call Forth a GhostHow to Call Forth a Ghost
15 May
If the ghost does not appear, there is a reason for this. Only seek answers to important questions from a ghost....
Ghost Minister wants justiceGhost Minister wants justice
08 Dec.
First, the ghost was spotted by the guards of the court. However other officials say they are seeing a phantom, reports a Russian website....
Vicious Ghost Attacks Students in PeruVicious Ghost Attacks Students in Peru
07 June
In fact, there may be several ghosts rampaging about. Earlier this year a ghost was also seen at a Malaysian school....
Sinister Female GhostsSinister Female Ghosts
10 June
She was burned at the stake and cursed anyone who would summon her ghost to die a horrible death....
Most famous GhostsMost famous Ghosts
21 June
You can see her ghost, if you enter a school toilet in the dark, face the mirror and say her name out loud three times....
Michael Jackson's Ghost Appears in a PhotoMichael Jackson's Ghost Appears in a Photo
26 May
It's possible that this really is the ghost of Jacko. Recall that media have mentioned in the past that the entertainer's ghost still wanders among the living....
Ghost Appears During a Bolivian Soccer MatchGhost Appears During a Bolivian Soccer Match
25 Apr.
The soccer match between The Strongest La Paz and Defensor Sporting in La Paz literally stirred the spirits a few days ago. During the game, an unknown and mysterious male silhouette ran through the almost empty bleachers...
Ghosts in the airplaneGhosts in the airplane
10 Sept.
The ghosts appeared more than twenty times....
The most famous ghostsThe most famous ghosts
01 Mar.
Many Eastern religions not only believe in reincarnation but also in ghosts....
US is Building a Ghost Town for ExperimentsUS is Building a Ghost Town for Experiments
10 June
But this settlement will be completely different from anything seen so far because it will be the 1st newly built ghost town in the world, reports Wired magazine....
Ghost Plane has Been Time Traveling for Decades NowGhost Plane has Been Time Traveling for Decades Now
14 Mar.
Unexpectedly, 37 years after its mysterious disappearance, the plane reappeared near the airport in Caracas but in just a few minutes, like a real ghost, it vanished once more from the eyes of witnesses....
Signs That a Ghost is Trying to Contact youSigns That a Ghost is Trying to Contact you
31 Aug.
If you'd like to not make this mistake in the future, learn the several signs that a ghost is trying contact you below. Find out how to pick out the signs from the spirit realm. 1....
A Ghost Saved the Lives of Tens of PeopleA Ghost Saved the Lives of Tens of People
30 Oct.
A ghost managed to save the lives of tens of passengers after an incident with an airplane of Thai airlines....
The Australian City Teeming with GhostsThe Australian City Teeming with Ghosts
17 June
There's hardly any populated area on Earth where there hasn't been a ghost seen at least once. But lately it's as if the Australian city of Toowoomba is absolutely teeming with errant ghosts....