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How Do I Get Rid of Negative Thoughts?How Do I Get Rid of Negative Thoughts?
25 Nov.
We've all had instances where we've been bombarded by negative thoughts that take over our conscious and torment us. Whatever the reasons for these negative thoughts, don't let them plague you for too long....
How Do I Get Rid of Nightmares?How Do I Get Rid of Nightmares?
13 Nov.
The method for overcoming a recurring bad dream is simple - rewrite the negative content of the nightmare into something positive using your imagination....
19 Ways to Clear the Mind and Get Rid of Stress19 Ways to Clear the Mind and Get Rid of Stress
22 Feb.
Avoid negative people You know who they are. If you can't remove them from your life, minimize your communication with them as much as possible. Don't plan You don't need to plan every minute of your day....
Proven! Negative Thoughts Can Kill usProven! Negative Thoughts Can Kill us
28 Aug.
Negative thoughts can not only make us sick mentally, but physically as well, announces New Scientist magazine....
How to Get Enough Sleep QuicklyHow to Get Enough Sleep Quickly
15 Aug.
The face beings to look grayish, with additional wrinkles, thoughts flow chaotically, the head is bursting from pain. In this state, it is difficult for a person to work....
How to Measure the Negative Energy Within OurselvesHow to Measure the Negative Energy Within Ourselves
08 July
According to one of the universal laws, like attracts like, which means that positive people attract positive energy, and negative people - negative energy....
How to Read the Signs of FateHow to Read the Signs of Fate
11 Apr.
Almost every one of us has witnessed the phenomenon of a chain reaction at least once in our life. A strange event, leading to a series of changes, which change our fate. But how do we read the signs, which fate sends...
Methods for Getting Rid of CursesMethods for Getting Rid of Curses
07 Dec.
In essence it means that someone with an evil eye or very negative energy has directed their negative influence toward you. They may have been envious of you about something. Curses aren't always deliberate....
Get to know your past livesGet to know your past lives
20 Sept.
The study of your past lives can help you understand a lot about our present life. The benefits of knowing that you are being reborn from are great. First, it greatly reduces your fear of death. If you know that you lived...
How Do I Get Over the Past?How Do I Get Over the Past?
04 Feb.
Negative thoughts, bad experiences and memories continue to plague the person and they never stop replaying the bad things that have happened in their mind....
Are you a Carrier of Negative Energy?Are you a Carrier of Negative Energy?
08 Jan.
Often it acts as though inborn and is rarely questioned. To determine whether you possess it at all and to what extent, ask yourself the following questions: - Do you complain and if so, how often?...
How to Increase your Daily Dose of LaughterHow to Increase your Daily Dose of Laughter
03 Apr.
Watch more comedies. TV programs and movies offer a variety of comedic masterpieces that'll make you laugh to tears. Spend more time with your friends. A laughing person usually causes a chain reaction. Find humor...
How to Use the Magical Properties of DishwareHow to Use the Magical Properties of Dishware
22 Dec.
For example, round plates shield food from negative energy and help it retain its healthy properties. Square plates, on the other hand, help their owners be more decisive, confident and bold....
How to welcome the Year of the TigerHow to welcome the Year of the Tiger
15 Feb.
2010, The Year of the Tiger, as we come to end of the 12 months the new year approaches. According to the Chinese horoscope, as the New Year approaches, yellow, purple or striped candles should be on show on the the table...
How to postpone the date of your deathHow to postpone the date of your death
24 Dec.
None of us knows the exact date of their death. Oh, mistake! There is at least one person on earth who can certainly say in which day will break the earthly path of every individual of this planet. This is the Russian...
How to welcome the year of the Water DragonHow to welcome the year of the Water Dragon
18 Dec.
When you welcome the New Year, keep in mind that 2012 will pass under the sign of the water dragon. Because of this, everything relating to water will bring you luck in the New Year. Shiny foil strips on your christmas...
How to Interpret Our Fate According to the Shape of Our HandHow to Interpret Our Fate According to the Shape of Our Hand
28 Mar.
Palmistry is an ancient science, which can decipher human fate not only by the lines on our hand but also by the shape of our hand. The outer side of your hand (posterior) can accurately reveal your strengths and weaknesses...
Not much sleep, less likely to get dementiaNot much sleep, less likely to get dementia
28 Jan.
Attention, Sleepyhead! Too much sleep may harm your health. Spanish researchers found that older people who sleep more than nine hours a day, have a higher risk of developing dementia. Dementia is a disease of the...
How to Hypnotize SomeoneHow to Hypnotize Someone
06 Jan.
You will be convinced that this skill of yours will be quite useful in many situations in life and you will be able to instill thoughts in people that you talk to....
How to be happyHow to be happy
22 Jan.
Most importantly, though, that way you will find the most suitable one for you. 15....
How to overcome stressHow to overcome stress
22 Jan.
Gripping and crushing of such objects, which are an alternative to soft rubber figurines, helps to overcome fears, frustrations and other negative emotions....
How to see AurasHow to see Auras
20 Aug.
Everyone has an aura, say our esoteric practices of ancient times. But what is aura? These are the vibrations of the soul, bioenergy field around the human body, colored in shades that change under the influence of various...
How to learn telepathy?How to learn telepathy?
10 Oct.
These exercises are intended to sharpen the awareness and develop the concentration of the mind, and also to cleanse the mind of negative thoughts....
Signs of sleep Apnea, and how to cope with itSigns of sleep Apnea, and how to cope with it
09 Jan.
In this article you will find information about sleep problems associated with sleep apnea. One may have relatives in the family or even themself suffer from apnea during sleep, but for them, this is just snoring. This...
The Memories Our Brain Gets Rid of During SleepThe Memories Our Brain Gets Rid of During Sleep
30 Mar.
It takes a very long period of time before the brain does any actual memory dumping though....