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10 Nov.
go to the bathroom. When I notices she is coming I went to hide in the shower, the shower door was not see through. When I was hiding I had realized that I had very uncomfortable high heel boots on and can barely walk...
Flying DreamsFlying Dreams
03 Aug.
they feel on top of the world and are flying to new heights. A flying dream in most cases that of a lucid dream, a lucid dreams means we are aware that we dreaming at the time and may feel like we are literally watching...
Injury DreamsInjury Dreams
23 June
memory problems. In fact dreaming may even be harmful to humans, warns the British professor. For example, people in depression who dream nightmarish dreams will only worsen the situation of suffering the next day...
Mysterious Island has Been Hiding Closed Community for 600 CenturiesMysterious Island has Been Hiding Closed Community for 600 Centuries
12 Nov.
A mysterious community, virtually undisturbed by the events of history in the rest of the world, continues to live on an island in the Indian Ocean, as it has for nearly 60 000 years. Anthropologist Richard...
Aliens hiding in the depths of the oceanAliens hiding in the depths of the ocean
04 May
Experts in the field of national defense in United States do not preclude aliens from other worlds such as being rushed into the depths of the ocean and watching people from the seabed, the newspaper Weekly World News...
Fountain of dreamsFountain of dreams
19 Dec.
we can perceive it as a dimension that religion called the Sky, a definitive of "collective unconscious". In the dream we go there and we can communicate through our dreams with the rest of the universe. Our energies...
Dreams of BirdsDreams of Birds
30 July
Birds in dreams symbolize hidden desires and hopes. Birds in dreams are intermediaries between the conscious and subconscious of a person. If in your dream you see birds flying, this means you will succeed in all...
Dreams of Being PregnantDreams of Being Pregnant
18 Sept.
have been tense lately and you dream of a pregnant woman, soon you will break up due to an act of cheating that you will find out about. If a newlywed woman dreams that she is pregnant, this portends of a soon-to-be...
Numbers in your dreamsNumbers in your dreams
06 Mar.
Numbers seen in your dreams can tell you about future events, or to remind you of the past which still affects your life. The significance of the numbers in your dream may be a literal or \"cipher\" sense...
Device for visualizing dreamsDevice for visualizing dreams
25 Feb.
A team of Japanese scientists invented a device that can visualize human thoughts and dreams on a computer screen. Currently researchers are equipped with technology that can reproduce simple pictures of the brain. The...
Weird dreamWeird dream
03 Dec.
I dreamed that I was in my house but It looked diffrent and in my dream a spirit of a man told me my house used to be a fueral parlor years ago the spirit was familiar it scared me I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep for agers and I've thought about the dream all day....
Depressing DreamDepressing Dream
11 Apr.
First, i'll tell you that i live with my aunt, for about two years now. Last night i had a dream that she was taking me back to my mom and dad's house, but i didn't want to go back and for some reason my mom wasn't...
Sleeping DreamSleeping Dream
02 Jan.
I had a dream where I at my place, it was night time, some one toll me that I was suppose to go some where, but some one else toll me that I was sleeping and that I had to weak my self I walk to my bedroom, open...
Having dreams about guysHaving dreams about guys
11 Nov.
to my school , In the dream we were huging an holding hands . that same night I had anouther dream about anouther guy named dylan, we were walking around town holding hands. can aneyone explain why I keep having dreams...
Crazy DreamCrazy Dream
11 Dec.
In this dream it started at a high school wrestling tournament in the wrestling room of our school but this room was 50 times bigger. when i was there i met a girl didn't know who but she seemed familiar and she told me...

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