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Talismans and herbs protect from ghosts and witchesTalismans and herbs protect from ghosts and witches
05 Oct.
Zimzelenat is a perennial evergreen herb and blooms blue from April to June. These herbs if placed on the front door of the house will precludes any spirits or witches....
What Dreams of Various Herbs and Spices PortendWhat Dreams of Various Herbs and Spices Portend
14 Dec.
In most cases, dreaming of herbs means that though you have certain anxieties, something good will come of them. Poisonous herbs can warn that there's people around you who are intentionally trying to cause you harm....
Hera - Goddess of Marriage, Family and JealousyHera - Goddess of Marriage, Family and Jealousy
01 Oct.
Hera sends husbands many offspring and blesses mothers during the birth of their children. All gods worship and respect Hera, even Zeus sought her advice on important issues....
Practical Tips for Falling Asleep QuicklyPractical Tips for Falling Asleep Quickly
19 Nov.
In case you've had one too many energy foods and drinks, you can make a tea with some of the herbs that induce sleep. Boil 1 1/5 cups (300 ml) of water and pour it over 1 tbsp of chamomile....
Unsolved coded messagesUnsolved coded messages
19 Sept.
It consists of 240 pages with illustrations of unknown plants, herbal remedies, astrological charts and captions in a language unknown to anyone. Dorabella code was invented by the composer Edward Elgar....
Names of Trees and Their MeaningNames of Trees and Their Meaning
21 Apr.
The druids used elder for various remedies. It was thought that elder protected from malicious witches and evil spirits....
Tips for sound sleepTips for sound sleep
04 May
A glass of herbal tea (balm, linden, valerian, mint, hawthorn) in the evening leads to a restful sleep. With 1 / 2 validol tablet under the tongue you can fall asleep. Use herbal pillows for sleeping....
Suffer from insomnia? Look for problems in the workplaceSuffer from insomnia? Look for problems in the workplace
24 Mar.
Therefore, we suggest several remedies that we hope will help you rest better at night: If, once you\'re in bed, you\'re not asleep by the twentieth minute, you are better to get up and return only when your eyes are feeling...
What Should I Drink to Calm My Nerves Before Sleep?What Should I Drink to Calm My Nerves Before Sleep?
10 Nov.
All you have to do is give the herbs a few days for them to begin to have an effect. If your insomnia and sleep problems worsen, seek medical advice....
The Book of Soyga Reveals its SecretsThe Book of Soyga Reveals its Secrets
18 May
In essence it appears to be an herbal medicinal codex, written in a coded, unfamiliar language. Alongside the Voynich Manuscript are other mystical books that are just as intriguing....
How to Fall Asleep EasilyHow to Fall Asleep Easily
07 Dec.
So choose caffeine-free drinks and herbal tea in the afternoons. Don't forget that chocolate, certain carbonated and energy drinks, some medications, black and green teas also contain caffeine....
In the U.S., New Year does not come without a ball fallingIn the U.S., New Year does not come without a ball falling
01 Jan.
When served with herbs, they symbolize coins and green herbs symbolize greenbacks. Sometimes spices are replaced with cabbage....
The power and effects of AmuletsThe power and effects of Amulets
10 Sept.
They are; Gems, Herbs, sulfur powder, pins, needles, rabbit feet, magnet, scarab beetle, shoes, cut nails, photography, hair, dice or counterfeit coins....
Dream CatalystsDream Catalysts
28 May
If you breathe in the aroma of an herbal tea before bed, this will attune your body to the balance of the natural rhythms of the universe....
Elixir of Long Life Found at a Construction SiteElixir of Long Life Found at a Construction Site
11 July
"Many of the ingredients are still used as herbs, " said Alissa Luria, one of the researchers in the American study....

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