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Dreaming of snakesDreaming of snakes
31 Mar.
To dream that you are dying from a snake bite, is a sign that you will suffer from malice and envy of hypocritical friends. Dreams of snakes are warnings of various forms of evil. If you see, in a dream snakes that twist...
Dreaming of waterDreaming of water
17 Mar.
Water plays a huge role in the history of mankind. Whether it is a deep lake, a river flowing with furious force, or a vast ocean, water has always been friend and foe. In dreams, water is a very strong character, often...
Dreaming of illness and healingDreaming of illness and healing
09 Jan.
Some dreams reflect the condition of the body. While we sleep, our brain does not rest, and revises the body. And if any of the organs are threatened by disease, the brain tries to send a signal. Heart disease is predicted...
Are the pyramids work of aliens?Are the pyramids work of aliens?
16 Dec.
It seems more plausible that the possibility of aliens came to the earth in 10, 500 BC and built these Pyramids and Sphinx....
Cases of Alien AbductionsCases of Alien Abductions
17 Oct.
The number of cases of aliens abducting people are not only one or two. Often after such events, there is physical proof left over, proving their reality....
Tales of Alien abductionsTales of Alien abductions
08 July
Many people claim to have been abducted by aliens and then returned back to our planet....
What Does Dreaming of the Same Person Mean?What Does Dreaming of the Same Person Mean?
23 Oct.
Since ancient times, dreaming has been associated with prophetic interpretations, symbols and predictions....
Aliens hiding in the depths of the oceanAliens hiding in the depths of the ocean
04 May
Looks like we have a job with a massive alien invasion. Experts believe that they are using the planets oceans of our planet as a basis for recovery....
Dreaming of a sealed tooth?  You'll find long-lost propertyDreaming of a sealed tooth? You'll find long-lost property
08 Dec.
Dreaming that you use false teeth, means that you attack enemies from which you want to escape. If three teeth fall in a pile, you should expect good news....
Aliens cure from leukemia?Aliens cure from leukemia?
20 Nov.
When I was pregnant, before being kidnapped by aliens doctors raised their hands and said there is no way to help me. However these strange creatures knew what to do....
Conscious dreaming and what is it?Conscious dreaming and what is it?
16 May
Conscious dreaming is a state of consciousness during which a person sleeps at the same time realizing that they are dreaming....
Dreaming that you have an exam?Dreaming that you have an exam?
15 Feb.
Do you dream that you have a test and you are put to hardship? These dreams can show your feelings or that you are worried or excited. You may find that you failed to respond to all questions from the test or that it was...
True Alien EncountersTrue Alien Encounters
08 Jan.
Eduardo and his brother were scared when they realized that this must be an alien. A known case is that of kidnapped by aliens Jesse Long....
How to Recognize the Aliens Living Among usHow to Recognize the Aliens Living Among us
22 July
For example, a small figure and slim physique, as well as fine bones, can hint at the alien origin of a seemingly average person, Virtue says....
The Kerch Alien Mystery - SolvedThe Kerch Alien Mystery - Solved
05 Sept.
The case came to be known as the Mystery of the Kerch Alien, with Kerch being the region in Russia where the remains had been discovered. Analyses showed that they are at least 2000 years old....
The Atacama Alien Stuns ScientistsThe Atacama Alien Stuns Scientists
18 Sept.
They hypothesize that the alien from Atacama was the result of a cross between a human and an alien. Extraterrestrial believers state that that would explain the human DNA found in the being....
NASA is Creating a Handbook for Communication with AliensNASA is Creating a Handbook for Communication with Aliens
05 June
The very fact that the received signal was kept in secret for years has aroused people's suspicion of a coverup of an alien civilization....
Conscious or dreaming dreamer truth through the ages until todayConscious or dreaming dreamer truth through the ages until today
14 May
Dreaming the truth is also not a recent discovery. It can be assumed that it always existed....
The Chinese to Look for Aliens in Space with a Giant TelescopeThe Chinese to Look for Aliens in Space with a Giant Telescope
07 July
The telescope will also stimulate the global hunt for aliens, so to speak, " said Jian Zeng, assistant director of the National Astronomical Observatories of China under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, who is also one of...
American Woman Finds Alien Body in her BackyardAmerican Woman Finds Alien Body in her Backyard
16 Nov.
It has stirred an upheaval of comments from most people who have seen it and the majority believe that it's an alien from another galaxy....
American surgeon pulls alien chips from human beingsAmerican surgeon pulls alien chips from human beings
14 Sept.
The second kind of chips are communication wires and through them the human receives orders from the 'aliens'....
Scientists: Stars Can Also Be Home to Alien LifeScientists: Stars Can Also Be Home to Alien Life
08 Dec.
British astronomers have reached an intriguing conclusion: that life does not necessarily have to originate on Earth-like planets and that it is also possible to register the activity of certain organisms in the upper...
American Scientist Claims to Have Found Alien Life FormsAmerican Scientist Claims to Have Found Alien Life Forms
06 Nov.
The latest innovation, which scientists will use to look for alien life, is an infrared telescope....
The tomb of Philip of MacedoniaThe tomb of Philip of Macedonia
24 June
Philip of Macedonia is Macedonian king who reigned in 369-336 BC. Under him, Macedonia became a centralized state. He introduced the army, called the “Macedonian phalanx” and paved the way for their the navy. He is also the...
The legends of Helen of TroyThe legends of Helen of Troy
27 Feb.
English poet and playwright Christopher Marlowe describes Helen of Troy as the person “causing thousands of ships”. Indeed, when the Trojan prince Paris and Elena left the town Troy, the large army with Achaean people declared...