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Pyrokinesis - Myth or Reality?Pyrokinesis - Myth or Reality?
07 Nov.
Pyrokinesis is the ability for a person to be able to control fire solely with their mind. This includes ignition, intensifying and diminishing flames without using any type of device. The word "pyrokinesis" is of Greek...
Mermaids - Myth or Reality?Mermaids - Myth or Reality?
22 Oct.
Do mermaids, unicorns, dragons, fairies and elves really exist? Many claim that these are products of the imagination, but some stories refute the existence of "mythical" mermaids. Decide for yourself......
Mermaids - myth or reality?Mermaids - myth or reality?
08 Dec.
Are there mermaids, unicorns, dragons, fairies and elves? Many argue that this contraption is nonsense, but some stories have rebutted the existence of mythical creatures. In the year of 1830 the locals of the Isle of...
Methods for Getting Rid of CursesMethods for Getting Rid of Curses
07 Dec.
If bubbles form it means the person was cursed. Have the cursed individual wash their hands and face, then pour it out into the toilet. Never underestimate curses, they can make you feel exceptionally ill....
Curses Can be Lifted Using WaterCurses Can be Lifted Using Water
04 Aug.
Symptoms of a curse can easily be spotted....
Flowers in the Home Protect from CursesFlowers in the Home Protect from Curses
26 Sept.
But plants in the home aren't just a beautiful escape from reality, they're much more....
Atlantis - reality or history of 9000 years?Atlantis - reality or history of 9000 years?
13 Oct.
Does the lost continent of Atlantis really exist? The source of the legend of Atlantis comes from the writings of Plato. Whether it really exists or was it invented by Plato?...
The Curse of TutankhamunThe Curse of Tutankhamun
16 Sept.
It is said that all this is a result of the Kings Curse. However even believers of the curse with the most vivid imagination can not explain certain facts....
Hematite Stops the Worst Magic Curses - Blood Magic!Hematite Stops the Worst Magic Curses - Blood Magic!
21 June
Hematite breaks down the worst type of magic curses - blood magic curses - the kind that are passed down from generation to generation....
Several Simple Tricks for Making our Wishes RealitySeveral Simple Tricks for Making our Wishes Reality
10 Mar.
But when you really want something to happen to you, take a look at the techniques below that will guarantee your dream coming true. 1....
Numerology: Curse of the QuartetNumerology: Curse of the Quartet
10 Sept.
Sinister things happen on the fourth day of each month! The sociologist at the University of California San Diego and his team came to this conclusion. They found that heart failure that happened on the 4th day of the...
Curse of the route 666Curse of the route 666
01 Dec.
To break the curse on the highway, drivers have asked if the highway can have a new number. Scientists however, are convinced that changing the numbers would hardly mean expelling the highway of it's ghostly powers!...
Can curses and magic be done through a photoCan curses and magic be done through a photo
13 Feb.
The photo can be a dangerous weapon in the hands of malicious people. If someone has your photo, if desired, they may send you a bad spell and you will incur a lot of trouble. This may explain persistent lack of luck,...
The First Digital Map of Mars is Now RealityThe First Digital Map of Mars is Now Reality
07 Mar.
The 1st geographical map of Mars is now a reality. The digital interpretation of the Red Planet will be an irreplaceable tool for future pioneers on Mars....
Spooky! The Cursed Items That Foment DisasterSpooky! The Cursed Items That Foment Disaster
24 Oct.
If you think about it you'll realize that absolutely every item or object around us has its history....