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How to Interpret the Most Common Leg GesturesHow to Interpret the Most Common Leg Gestures
28 Jan.
Leg gestures are most commonly used when a person is trying to put up a barrier between them and the person next to them, writes Australian author Allan Pease in his book Body Language. The most popular leg gesture is...
The most important Archeological finds of the XXI centuryThe most important Archeological finds of the XXI century
27 Mar.
Our ancestors have left many traces of their presence, so archaeologists have the task to determine the origin of any discovered remains, pottery, tools and other items. In the first decade of the XXI century, the work...
Can Animals predict?Can Animals predict?
10 Oct.
If a butterfly comes into your home, it predicts that guests are coming soon, says an ancient Slavic tradition. If it is bright in color, you will soon receive good news concerning your privacy. But if the butterfly is...
Mother of God targets in French CaveMother of God targets in French Cave
24 Nov.
During February 1858 Soubirou Bernadette heard a loud roar and saw the image of Virgin Mary; few people believed that this event would cause the French village Laurdes to be famous worldwide. In subsequent years the village...
Tutankhamen revealed, died of malariaTutankhamen revealed, died of malaria
19 May
The great Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamen was infected by the parasite plasmodium falciparum, which causes a deadly form of malaria and suffered from bone disease due to which he was bowlegged. This showed through results...
The Inventions that Killed Their InventorsThe Inventions that Killed Their Inventors
10 Mar.
A great many of the objects around us are the result of ingenious and resourceful minds. However, in testing some of them, the inventors themselves paid with their very lives. The breathing apparatus of Sieur Freminet...
Birthmarks are Related to a Past LifeBirthmarks are Related to a Past Life
21 Aug.
The idea of rebirth is enshrined in many cultures and religions. According to followers of the occult, rebirth happens when a soul needs to learn lessons related to its past life. But are there scientific arguments...
Discovered, the mummy of Queen SesheshetDiscovered, the mummy of Queen Sesheshet
08 Dec.
Archaeologists have discovered apart of the mummy which implies that it belongs to Queen Sesheshet. The Queen ruled the Egyptian empire 4, 300 years ago. The body of Pharaoh was found recently in the open Pyramid in Sahara...
Angola was a dinosaur nurseryAngola was a dinosaur nursery
10 Sept.
Angola was a huge kennel for dinosaurs in past times. In the bowels of the earth in the country lie the remains of thousands of ancient inhabitants of the planet. During the sixties of the last century was the first signs...
Strange Crossbred AnimalsStrange Crossbred Animals
23 Oct.
Hybrid animals can be created with human intervention - however, in order to get a cross between 2 animals, they need to have similar genetic characteristics, specify experts. The majority of these types of hybrid animals...
Five All-Time SuperstitionsFive All-Time Superstitions
07 Apr.
Superstitions lead us to believe in some kind of supernatural forces, in something that we truly have no explanation for, but are sure that it will occur. Superstitions are related to wearing all kinds of talismans,...
Legend of Bloody MaryLegend of Bloody Mary
20 May
In the dense forests of the U.S. state of Pennsylvania in a small house lived an old lady who collected herb for sale. The woman was called by people in the region, Bloody Mary. Nobody dares to approach her, because everybody...
Circus Oddities Who Actually ExistedCircus Oddities Who Actually Existed
04 May
The penguin lady, the man with 3 legs, the camel girl and others are all circus performers who really did exist and were famous for their unusual physiology. Traveling with their circus troupe, they were quite a sight...
Dark Rites of the SummeriansDark Rites of the Summerians
18 Mar.
Magic was the foundation of life in Sumer. The Sumerians worshiped the four cardinal directions and four elements. The main attribute of a magical ritual was cross with a holy idol on it. Each Sumerian magic ritual will...
Cooking Recipes of Cannibals FoundCooking Recipes of Cannibals Found
27 May
A fascinating find in Mexico now gives us an idea of what kind of recipes the ancient cannibals used. Local archaeologists and their colleagues from Spain came upon the remains of people attacked by cannibals. Because...
Enormous Dinosaur Fossils Shock EgyptEnormous Dinosaur Fossils Shock Egypt
06 Feb.
A fossil belonging to a 33 ft (10 m) dinosaur was unearthed in Egypt. The creature roamed today's desert 80 million years ago. The unique fossil was discovered in an oasis in Egypt's Saharan desert. It belongs to the...
If you Dream of These Animals, Expect Riches!If you Dream of These Animals, Expect Riches!
28 Nov.
Animals appear in our dreams to give us some kind of sign. For example, if you dream of a chameleon, this means that someone you know isn't being completely honest with you or is flat out lying. This same creature can...
Anomalies and paradoxes after the Chernobyl accidentAnomalies and paradoxes after the Chernobyl accident
25 Dec.
Animal abnormalities and environmental paradoxes are followed in forests around Chernobyl after the accident of the 4th reactor of the NPP in April 1986. Now scientists in Russia are holding animals with deformities,...
The Haka Dance Which the Ancient Maori Used to Frighten Their EnemiesThe Haka Dance Which the Ancient Maori Used to Frighten Their Enemies
04 Sept.
The Haka Dance is a collection of vigorous movements demonstrating strength and bravery, which the Maori of New Zealand used to instill fear into their enemies. This old tradition is still kept alive by many rugby teams...
Jewellery can block our energy flowJewellery can block our energy flow
09 Jan.
Jewelry is beautiful, but sometimes can harm people! Ancient eastern teachings and energy meridians in the body are recognized today even by hardened materialists. In every body there are internal and external radiation...
How animals sense danger and save their ownersHow animals sense danger and save their owners
22 Sept.
Often times, animals inexplicably feel the danger that hangs over their owners and try to warn and protect them. When it comes to earthquakes or fires, it is understandable, because the animals have developed sensors that...
Inventions which destroyed their inventorsInventions which destroyed their inventors
10 Oct.
A few days ago Jimi Heseldon, the owner of a powerful UK company died. He was known for the production of scooters. Jimi Heseldon was killed by falling from a cliff while driving his scooter. According to many people this...
We Figure Out Everything about Someone New in 30 SecondsWe Figure Out Everything about Someone New in 30 Seconds
24 Mar.
British psychologists claim that everything you think about the new person you have just met within the first 30 seconds of conversation, is true. Even though the amount of time is short, our intuition works at full capacity...
The Superstitions of the Elizabethan EraThe Superstitions of the Elizabethan Era
10 Jan.
Elizabethan era had some superstitions that still exist in today modern world. Some believe they are irrational beliefs while others indulge. However during this historic era even nobility like the monarchy believed in superstition...
Three-Eyed Calf-God Born in IndiaThree-Eyed Calf-God Born in India
19 Sept.
A calf with 3 eyes came into the world in India, causing tremendous euphoria among the locals. The animal, born 2 weeks ago, is regarded as a spiritual leader and worshiped like a true God. The locals see the arrival...