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Aztecs - Civilization and CultureAztecs - Civilization and Culture
21 Jan.
Historical evidence suggests that Aztecs were advanced and were a prosperous civilization which built beautiful and elegant cities....
Mayan Civilization and PyramidsMayan Civilization and Pyramids
03 Aug.
Allowing us to trace the Mayan Civilization back in history as far as 3, 000 years, tells us that we have much to learn of the Mayan People....
Ancient civilizations: Zapotec - rise and fallAncient civilizations: Zapotec - rise and fall
22 Sept.
When it comes to Columbia's lost civilizations, the Aztec and Mayan often overlooked the Zapotec....
History of the Crete CivilizationHistory of the Crete Civilization
09 July
The end of the Cretan civilization came when it was at its peak....
The Lost Civilization of RamaThe Lost Civilization of Rama
26 Feb.
Everyone's heard of the lost civilization of Atlantis. But there are other lost civilizations which we know little or nearly nothing about but which are no less interesting and intriguing....
The history of the Sumerian civilizationThe history of the Sumerian civilization
08 Dec.
The Sumerian civilization is the oldest civilization and was undoubtedly amazing. There is even a case being made that they met with an alien civilization....
Ecological catastrophe destroyed the Mayan civilizationEcological catastrophe destroyed the Mayan civilization
27 Feb.
We have over 6 million survivors of the Mayan civilization, living in Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras....
Underground tunnels - are they roads to foreign civilizations?Underground tunnels - are they roads to foreign civilizations?
22 Sept.
Some believe that the tunnels lead to long lost human cities, that were populated by ancient civilizations or perhaps even preceding civilizations like the Atlantis....
Ancient City of Man-Ape Civilization DiscoveredAncient City of Man-Ape Civilization Discovered
09 Mar.
The ancient civilization of man-apes is not very well known to science but is believed to have existed in antiquity....
Discovered, a lost civilization buried by a volcanoDiscovered, a lost civilization buried by a volcano
16 Sept.
The Lost Civilization of the Island Sumbawa has intrigued researchers ever since in 1800....
Warning! A Grey Alien Civilization is Conducting Experiments on usWarning! A Grey Alien Civilization is Conducting Experiments on us
23 Feb.
It says that a civilization of grey aliens has been living on the planet for decades and conducting experiments on it....
The Doom of the Advanced Arctic Civilization 13 000 Years AgoThe Doom of the Advanced Arctic Civilization 13 000 Years Ago
27 May
In it he will reveal the concrete evidence that he's found in the last 20 years while looking for real evidence of the existence of the Arctic civilization....
A River in India Dries Up! Signs of Ancient Civilization Found at BottomA River in India Dries Up! Signs of Ancient Civilization Found at Bottom
24 Oct.
The only explanation for the laser precision of the craftsmanship is the presence of an extraterrestrial civilization on Earth in the distant past....
Flying Machines from the PastFlying Machines from the Past
12 Mar.
The Rama and Atlantis civilizations and their flying machines Ancient Hindu writings speak of an ancient civilization called Rama that was highly advanced technologically....
Ancient Egyptian InventionsAncient Egyptian Inventions
16 Sept.
Although normally the Egyptian civilization is associated with the pyramids and mummies, the Egyptians actually created numerous inventions that have made this civilization one of the greatest to have existed....

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