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Mysterious Ancient CitiesMysterious Ancient Cities
14 Nov.
The remains of numerous ancient cities provoke the human imagination because of the mysteries surrounding them. There are cities that no one knows how they were built and how they came to be, even to this day...
Ancient Egyptian MythsAncient Egyptian Myths
07 Jan.
Every culture around the world has one or another myth associated with it. This also applies to Egypt. Ancient Egyptian civilization is very old and has undergone many changes over the past years. Its myths have...
The ancient Antikythera mechanismThe ancient Antikythera mechanism
08 July
that looks like a well- made clock from the 18th century. Nothing that can be compared with this mechanism has been known, judging by ancient scientific texts and literary allusions. On the contrary, all that is known...
Ancient Circles Puzzle ScientistsAncient Circles Puzzle Scientists
05 Nov.
In the lands of Jordan, there are enormous circles which have puzzled scientists for years on end. But now, Australian and Jordanian archaeologists have photographed 12 new, large circles located in Jordan from the...
The Ancient Dead Sea ScrollsThe Ancient Dead Sea Scrolls
27 Feb.
The find of a cave containing jars filled with manuscripts caused sensation throughout the world. It was spring 1947 when a group of Bedouin goat herders were searching the coast of the Dead Sea searching for a goat...
Ancient pyramid inaugurated in EgyptAncient pyramid inaugurated in Egypt
29 Nov.
The building is five meters in height and is aged at 4300 years! South of Cairo in ancient Necropolis there opened a pyramid of fives meters in height which dated back to the XXIV century BC, so the Ministry of...
Ancient egyptians suffered from TuberculosisAncient egyptians suffered from Tuberculosis
03 Nov.
Tuberculosis is deadly, it has been striking down people from more than 2600 years ago. It was proved as a mummy of a woman in high society Ancient Egypt was discovered to had been a victim. The new autopsy of the...
UFO over the ancient worldUFO over the ancient world
19 May
the ancient world. One of the oldest sources, who described the appearance of an unidentified flying lightened object, is an Egyptian papyrus from the fifteenth century BC. \"Saw something moving in the sky, a fiery...
The Most Ancient Creature on the PlanetThe Most Ancient Creature on the Planet
27 Nov.
American and British scientists have found the oldest animal on the planet, which, according to research, appeared some time after Christopher Columbus discovered America. The oldest organism on our planet is a...
Ancient City of Man-Ape Civilization DiscoveredAncient City of Man-Ape Civilization Discovered
09 Mar.
Archaeologists have made a fascinating discovery in the heart of the Honduran jungle. After decades of studies, they have found the remains of an ancient city believed to have been inhabited by one of the most...
Incas - the ancient specialists in cranial surgery?Incas - the ancient specialists in cranial surgery?
01 Dec.
best equipment was used for drilling the bone, used by ancient physicians. In the Peruvian Andy however, during the 15th century, things looked differently. Here soldiers prefer sticks and string when clashes between...
The ancient Chinese treated with marijuanaThe ancient Chinese treated with marijuana
05 Oct.
Archaeologists have discovered unusual findings in the Gobi Desert. Ancient secrets with marijuana. It proves that the territory of modern China have grown marijuana also known as Indian hemp plants before 2...
The Food of the Ancient SpartansThe Food of the Ancient Spartans
27 Jan.
Besides their skill in battle, the ancient Spartans were also known for their way of life and culture that differed completely from the rest of Ancient Greece. The biggest difference was in the food they ate. Some...
Legacy of Ancient BabylonLegacy of Ancient Babylon
07 Jan.
One of the most important ancient Cities, Babylon and the culture of its inhabitants are still part of everyday life. Hardly ever have we thought about the origin of the duodecimal system clock, why the month has 4...
The Weirdest Ancient ArtifactsThe Weirdest Ancient Artifacts
07 Oct.
Modern man is often confounded by the discoveries archaeologists find in ancient ruins, the remnants of long-gone civilizations. Alongside ancient jars, ceramic remnants, coins and jewelry, sometimes they find...

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