Photographed: Pyramids Sending Rays into SpacePhotographed: Pyramids Sending Rays into Space
03 Feb.
In the photos, the tips of the pyramids can be seen sending rays into space. Experts cannot explain where the huge light rays are coming from and where exactly they are going....
NASA to Use New Telescope to Look for Gold in SpaceNASA to Use New Telescope to Look for Gold in Space
27 Nov.
When the photons collide with the surface of asteroids, a new stream of particles is born, which in turn seep into the depths of the meteor and form gold there....
NASA to Steal Ancient Metal from SpaceNASA to Steal Ancient Metal from Space
30 May
NASA definitely knows how to shock and awe. The latest notion of the space-exploring organization is to steal an asteroid. The reason? The asteroid's iron content, estimated at $10 quadrillion....
NASA Detects Strange Light Shooting Out from Black HoleNASA Detects Strange Light Shooting Out from Black Hole
10 Nov.
NASA's NuSTAR telescope has detected unusual activity in the supermassive black hole Markarian 335. Images clearly show a strange light emitting from the black hole....
Extraterrestrials are Working for NASAExtraterrestrials are Working for NASA
07 Nov.
Based on his words, the extraterrestrials work for NASA and the military in the secret base known as Area 51. To convince everyone who watches the video of his claims, the engineer uses pictures....
The Top 5 Strangest Theories about SpaceThe Top 5 Strangest Theories about Space
17 Apr.
Read on to discover the top 5 strangest theories about space ever conceived. 1. Bees Gerald Haard, historian and author, was also a mystic with quite some fascinating ideas....
US is Building a Ghost Town for ExperimentsUS is Building a Ghost Town for Experiments
10 June
"Our goal is to provide the opportunity for carrying out large-scale technological experiments in conditions similar to the real world, without anyone being hurt, " states Bob Brumley, managing director of the Center for...
Humanity is an ExperimentHumanity is an Experiment
23 June
This way they will prove to be a successful experiment....
NASA is Creating a Handbook for Communication with AliensNASA is Creating a Handbook for Communication with Aliens
05 June
Once it is ready, the handbook will be put up on the NASA site, where it will be available for free download....
Strange Crossbred AnimalsStrange Crossbred Animals
23 Oct.
Such animals are used to work the fields, since they are very strong. Common hybrid animals in the West are the mule and hinny....
Searching for Extraterrestrials Based on Their Pollution in SpaceSearching for Extraterrestrials Based on Their Pollution in Space
09 Aug.
Scientists would be able to determine the presence of such gases in distant planets with the help of the James Webb Space Telescope. It will be launched by NASA in 2018....
Deadly Bacteria are Attacking our Planet!Deadly Bacteria are Attacking our Planet!
03 Dec.
An elusive bacteria is attacking the planet. The dangerous microorganism has already been found in animals and samples from sick people....
Strange Sources of EnergyStrange Sources of Energy
15 Apr.
Certain bacteria, like the well familiar E. coli contains a fuel, stored in the form of fatty acids....
Strange Customs in Different CountriesStrange Customs in Different Countries
18 Feb.
Blood types in Japan are of great significance The Japanese have views that may seem strange to any foreigner....
What are Space Jellyfish?What are Space Jellyfish?
27 Sept.
Instead of a meteorite, a small piece of stone or metal, strange stuff that looks like a jellyfish falls to Earth from space....

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