Dinosaurs were cannibalsDinosaurs were cannibals
04 Nov.
The analysis has categorical traces of teeth on the skull that were left at the time when one Gorgosaurus was eaten by another. The discovery of scientists from Canada is not the first of its kind....
The Dark Side of the MoonThe Dark Side of the Moon
11 Feb.
These are absent on the dark side but a characteristic trait is that the surface there is more densely dotted with meteorite craters....
Who were the MayansWho were the Mayans
12 Mar.
They were subsisting in agriculture, hunting and fishing. Cities of the Mayas possessed an unique outlook, temples were built in the form of stepped pyramids, decorated with statues and reliefs....
Dinosaurs Once Roamed the AntarcticDinosaurs Once Roamed the Antarctic
09 May
Millions of years ago, Antarctica was a warm continent and its territory was home to a wide diversity of dinosaurs....
Dark Rites of the SummeriansDark Rites of the Summerians
18 Mar.
It was a feast of powerful dark forces, which were offered as a sacrifice a black bull. Sumerian dark magic should not be confused with black magic....
The Mysterious Capital of the ZapotecsThe Mysterious Capital of the Zapotecs
27 June
Before them, the lands of today's Mexico were under the reign of the Zapotecs - a mysterious people that reached the peak of its development between 1500 and 200 B.C....
Asteroids, Antarctica and the exclusion Dinosaurs?Asteroids, Antarctica and the exclusion Dinosaurs?
31 Aug.
65 million years ago dinosaurs were wiped out as it is to be believed by Hugh craters caused by an asteroid, today scientists using satellites have mapped the craters under the Antarctic....
The Inventions that Killed Their InventorsThe Inventions that Killed Their Inventors
10 Mar.
At first, his leg developed gangrene, forcing him to have it amputated, but the disease spread throughout his body and killed the inventor....
The Dark Side of the Sign of TaurusThe Dark Side of the Sign of Taurus
08 June
When the dark side of Taurus prevails, they get stuck in a routine and get bitter toward life....
The Dark Side of the Sign of SagittariusThe Dark Side of the Sign of Sagittarius
01 Dec.
The dark side of the sign of Sagittarius is revealed when they're ashamed of their shortcomings and focus on their positive sides instead, demonstrating them with tremendous arrogance....
The Dark Side of the Sign of VirgoThe Dark Side of the Sign of Virgo
28 Nov.
In their dark side, Virgos transform into hypochondriacs - constantly worried that they're going to get sick somehow....
The Dark Side of the Sign of AriesThe Dark Side of the Sign of Aries
01 Sept.
Since they were born to be leaders, whenever they fall into the lower recesses of their character, they start bossing people around. And should you not obey their commands, they become aggressive and start to yell....
The Mysterious World of DreamsThe Mysterious World of Dreams
31 May
Mankind will not stop looking for hidden meanings of the strange and mysterious world of dreams....
The Mysterious Light Photographed Near the MoonThe Mysterious Light Photographed Near the Moon
13 Nov.
Mysterious blue-green glimmers were photographed near the moon by NASA during the Apollo 15 mission....
A New Theory About the Extinction of the DinosaursA New Theory About the Extinction of the Dinosaurs
15 Dec.
The biological species that have left behind proof of their past existence on Earth were way too heavy to be able to survive today....

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