Powerful Solar Storms are Exceptionally DangerousPowerful Solar Storms are Exceptionally Dangerous
02 Dec.
Powerful geomagnetic storms headed toward Earth are caused by solar flares. These result from the phenomena known as coronal mass ejections or streams of high speed solar wind, which come from sunspots on the Sun...
The Unexpected Magical Properties of PearlsThe Unexpected Magical Properties of Pearls
23 Jan.
have had black magic cast on you. - Pearls are a symbol of beauty and power. When a woman owns pearls she should expect successes in her personal life, as well as growth in her career. - According to some...
Fire colors loaded with passion and energyFire colors loaded with passion and energy
12 Jan.
water will make your relationship with your partner much more open and sincere. Shells that are found during vacation at the beach, or pieces of colored glass will load the room with positive energy. You can put on a...
Trees with Magical PropertiesTrees with Magical Properties
06 Oct.
realize that the trees composing the beautiful landscapes that charge us with positive emotions are much more than objects. According to some elderly witch doctors, trees have magical abilities which should not be...
Easy Magic with Melting Ice Makes Dreams Come TrueEasy Magic with Melting Ice Makes Dreams Come True
28 Dec.
activities while still bearing the former with you. Otherwise, you'll be unconsciously activating black magic. This is hardly any woman's goal. Most of us strive for harmonious relations with our partner and try to protect...
Magic Ritual for Attracting Love with a TubeMagic Ritual for Attracting Love with a Tube
16 Feb.
Magic rituals for love and attraction are some of the most difficult to execute but also the most effective. The ritual that uses a magic tube promises the best results, as it is the most potent and enduring...
Attract your Partner with Chinese Love MagicAttract your Partner with Chinese Love Magic
28 May
turquoise, a red piece of cloth and 1 red candle. This love magic spell has been popular in China from the time of the Yuan dynasty (13th - 14th century). Buy a turquoise necklace (the stone has a powerful love...
Bath with dill for magic of loveBath with dill for magic of love
25 Apr.
If you want to lure a man into your bed for love or for fun then do magic with dill. Although we are accustomed to seeing dill in salads and dishes, dill has a powerful force for unleashing energy. To attract love...
What are People with Brown Eyes Like?What are People with Brown Eyes Like?
20 Oct.
doubt, that there exists a connection between eye color and the person's character. People with brown eyes are extremely temperamental, even irritable, inconsistent and frequently change their desires and intentions...
Soon We Will Learn Languages with a Magic PillSoon We Will Learn Languages with a Magic Pill
19 July
( literature, art), as well as philosophy, but in some ways it is a branch of history as well. The experts who deal with this science are often forced into confronting the misunderstanding and skepticism of society...
Protect Yourself from Black Magic and Evil Powers with Lemons!Protect Yourself from Black Magic and Evil Powers with Lemons!
01 Nov.
, headaches, anxiety and other worrisome health problems. But only a few know that due to their magical properties, lemons are unsurpassed aids in the battle against black magic and all other kinds of evil...
How do they Cast Magic with a Pentagram?How do they Cast Magic with a Pentagram?
09 May
When conducting magic rituals, it is mandatory to use magic words, expressions, spells, as well as various symbols with which to cement the magical effect. One of the most widely used magical symbols, which is...
I feel like they are always with me.I feel like they are always with me.
02 Jan.
yrs old (nw I m 14 yrs old). I went out in the balcony with our maid and my 4 yr old bro. She was putting on the clothes for drying and I was busy watching the cats playing outside. Then suddenly I felt a cold hand on my...
Pineapples and apples make powerful talismansPineapples and apples make powerful talismans
14 Dec.
– both, the fruit and the tree emit a powerful creative energy. A good talisman is one with both the fruit and a branch. An apple enhances energy potential of its owner, gives him kindness, sincerity and responsiveness...
Juju MagicJuju Magic
15 Feb.
ties between the customer and the victim, the stronger the magic is. The most common types of spells are for getting rich, with one of the downsides being that the clients die young and do not enjoy the wealth...

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